I am not a HardCore Gamer #46 (4)

Another slow start to yet another week of gaming in 2017. It’s hard to believe but we are on the fourth one already!!!
I had a very strong desire to finish successfully my second play through of This War of Mine but Johnny Poo got himself shot and died due to wounds. Marko deserted the shelter and Henrik with his grandson got a new visitor but he got shot dead quickly when desperately trying to find some food and meds. I lasted 29 days but what initially seemed like a very easy experience turned into quite a harsh battle and I lost it.

Never mind the buzzcocks, I haven’t given up and started my 3rd go with Marko, Slava, Silly Boo and Misha…
It’s been going ok for the first three weeks really. I’ve tried to build all the creating stations but advancing herbal stand and metal stand took longer than I wished for and I think it is partly due to not maximising the scavenging potential well enough.
This is the play through where I’d like to finish with a platinum trophy but I think due to Marko getting shot and dying in fourth week I might miss a trophy or two. Plus I can’t get anyone to be sick… I think I made it too easy for them to enjoy that war…

In other worlds there haven’t been much happening actually. I’ve spent some time playing Madden 17 as the season of HPL League progresses and I have had ton of issues with de sync glitch so few of my games had to be summed which was a shame as I one I was enjoying a big lead. Surprisingly I’m at 2-2 and at times it seems as things are falling together in the right slots for me. It’d be great to make it to play offs for once!
I have also spent few hours browsing through the playbook selections trying to find some offensive formations that would give me some favourable match ups along with a wide range of plays as I try to become a bit more of an aware player while on the field.

Gems of War got a little less attention this week and I’m not sure why really. I have tried assembling few teams to see how some combos work but I haven’t found anything exciting from the choices I made. The guild has been earning some rewards so I think it’s another decent week for me here.

To sum up it’s been rather unexciting week in my gaming time but I’d like to think that all the big fun is yet to arrive and change the 2017 into a solid gaming year. And yes, I realise I still haven’t started Dishonored 2 yet. And the trophy count for this week reaches SIX for a total 2017 output of 21 trophies.
Keep on gaming gals and guys!

I am not a HardCore Gamer #45 (3)

One eventually needs to get going in the right direction but one also has to think about 167 or so various things to consider so… again, it’s been fairly slow week in terms of gaming.
I attended the draft at HPL and grabbed myself few decent rookies and we are set to start third season on Madden 17, we have a solid group and I think I should try to get into play offs this season but the time will tell.

The offense based on A. Luck and CM chemistry mainly.

Beside the league games and team management I have also spent some time in MUT, where I completed few solos and sets relating to TOTY and I finally got my team to ovr 92 as seen in pictures here.

Defence built around Seattle chemistry, featuring my best card, 97 ovr (boosted) Chancellor.

I have also unloaded loads of bronze cards for badges and I’m going to clean my folder now and see how many elite badges I’ll get. I think as far as regular visits and collecting stuff on MUT, I’m done although I’ll pop in here and there sometimes. Perhaps to put my team to test in H2H or something. I have also thought of taking part in some tournaments and signed up for ESL Gaming maybe in the future I could compete for prizes and such…

One must not forget the special teams. (I wasn’t pleased to get Tucker as a reward card).

I completed first run through This War of mine and unfortunately I didn’t make it through. On the 27th day Cveta, Irena and her niece were all gone. Pavle died few days earlier in combat…
Luckily it’s only a game so I set myself my own story with one of my created characters and I’ll see if I can make it through and also try to get platinum trophy for that game.

The stories behind characters of my first play through of ‘This War of Mine’.

The 2nd go is hopefully my main play through in attempt to obtain the platinum trophy. I have had a cheeky sneaky peek to see what they are and I think I can achieve them by playing smart.

This time I am in charge of guiding Marko, Jonny Poo and an old fella, whose name I can’t remember, who’s there with his grandson.
I have set the length to 40 days and chose a rather easy set of game settings and I’m going to see how I manage the second time running. So far I’ve reached the week Mark and everyone’s alive and most of them are ok.
The mobile gaming saw me further evaluating Bridge Bandit and I came to a conclusion that I’m not that serious about bridge at the minute to invest money into the app. I mean Bridge Bandit seems like a really great and innovative way of learning/ playing Bridge but I don’t think I’m that into it as I first thought.
So basically Gems of War remain my main mobile fun and I’m plodding about slowly but this week I haven’t found much enjoyment in colour matching world.
I’m not sure where I’m headed next week as far as gaming goes but I hope to finally start Dishonored 2 once the upcoming update comes to ps4 on Monday.
As far as the trophies are concerned I have got 5 more this week, all of them coming from This War of Mine and my total in 2017 stands now at 15.
Keep on playing guys!

NFL Rapid Predictions- There will be only two left.

The Saturday Edition of playoffs last weekkend quickly became anticlimactic when the Seahawks got evened out in bad fumbles (Super Bowl against the Broncos, remember?) luck/curse ratio.
It’s good though as this team is too over hyped in my humble opinion but hey, these aside; last week I did poorly missing out on Falcons and the Steelers so shady 2-2 this week for 5-3 play off lot.
We have only three more games this season to play and two are about to go down this Sunday. Let’s see what’s cooking out there.

Steelers @ Patriots: Apparently Bill Belichick managed to perform an act of biological warfare on some of the Steelers players as they reportedly went down with the flu days before the AFC Championship game.
Flu or not flu, Ben Roethlisberger will have to have a solid game for Pittsburgh to have a chance at winning the thing. Antonio Brown‘s infamous now video only added colour to the match up and we might be in for the best football of this season.

Patriots to win 24:17

Packers @ Falcons: It can turn out to be one of a huge feast of offensive display as both teams struggled to support their star QBs in Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers. Both of them are in the chase for MVP award but before that happens, only one of them will find a way to the Super Bowl. This game could be a one loooong highlight reel. Beware defenses!

Packers to win 38:34

What are your picks gals and guys?

Pat McAfee thanks the allmighty for today’s news…

Punter Pat McAfee Fired Off A Tweetstorm About The Colts GM Right After He Was Fired – http://wp.me/p47Pf7-r5Cvi

As the Colts’ fan I’m pleased that finally something occured in Indy and that Grigson got the boot. It’s hard to say what the future brings but we know how the past looked like recently so… It’s good news people!

I am not a HardCore Gamer #44 (2)

The stress and hardships of the Wastelands have finally got to Bertha. While she was occupied in a undercover mission for DIMA in Nucleus, Bertha’s radiation levels reached her in the ugliest of fashion of an EXIT save being lost and teleporting her back days earlier after all this efforts. She sat down and cried silently but there was no one to hear it.
On the more serious note, getting through this gameplay on survival turns out a bit too harsh for me and the dying, replaying parts is a bit too much at the minute so I think I’m going to take a break from Fallout 4 for a while and perhaps come back later to it.

Twas a summer to remember, my friend!

I think it is high time to get stuck in Dishonored 2 I got for Xmas from my son but before I do that I think I’ll have a slight detour towards This War is Mine, a little game that keeps to the Fallout scenery.

It was just the three of us, Pavle, Katia and Bruno and over 20 days later Maria and Bruno are sadly gone but Pavle was lucky enough to meet Irene and her little niece. Whilst the war continues and the winter is ever so close let us not forget Katia and Bruno.

Katia. Let us drink coffee in your memory!

Ah, Katia. That crazy coffee lover who could talk herself out of any issue; she pushed it once too many times at the garage and got shot, she made it home and was pushing through it like a good old fashioned camper but eventually her body gave up on her. We buried her under the tree.
Bruno was gone shortly after. He just given up one day and died as a disease was eating him from inside. He never moaned but then, he also wanted extra food so Pavle didn’t feel as sad as when Katia kicked the bucket.
And shortly before he died Pavle and co we visited by a man with a woman and a girl. It was Lydia with her aunt Irene. They were Pavle’s last hope of surviving so he let them stay…

Ah. The grumpy smoker. Hopefully he now has enough smoke…

With my health woes continuing it was actually really handy that I had no games to play in the HPL League as we reached the play offs (well, I didn’t really with 6-10 record), so Madden 17 got very little love this week. Ihave done some bulk buying and set completing but nothing much more. Just waiting for another draft where I hope to get some help on the defensive side of the ball.

Since it was another week with little energy, I have managed to push my Gems of War progress, including completing another kingdom quests and getting few more member to my guild as well as obtaining couple of legendary troops. Not a bad week here actually.

Bridge Bandit, a unique way of learning and playing Bridge.

There was some new stuff too (beside installing Dishonored 2) and it turn out to be another mobile (android) experience, this time resulting in me checking out Bridge Bandit a cool app for those who love or would like to learn to play the very strategic card game known as Bridge.
I’ve always s wanted to learn to play Bridge (I mean the bidding process is the hardest thing to grasp) but never had enough people to get going but finally, after the strange moment of wanting to play some card games I stumbled across the Bridge Bandit and all of sudden I needed to be back to Bridge.
So there, the app has few modes beside the traditional way of playing (against humans and/ or AI), including Mini mode, where one learns some simple way of bidding and trying to meet the contract, and Blitz mode where one plays three hands of Bridge. There’s plenty of options, the user interface is near and slick but it comes at a price of over £5 per month or over £42 a year. Luckily one gets 30 days to evaluate and possibility to earn some more by inviting friends, or having the app make a facebook post. I’m still early in the phase of trying it all out but it is looking really good.

And now it is time to count all these trophies I hunted this week and I can say there have been 3 trophies this week for a 10 total in 2017. How have your gaming been going lately gals and guys?

NFL Rapid Predictions- Divisional Round. 

Yes, we finally arrived to proper play off phase minus the Texans @ Patriots game which will be a warm up for New England really.
I was wrong one game last week as I thought the Raiders would manage to outlast Brock Osweiler but with a rookie QB and three screen passes in first few plays it just didn’t work. I also didn’t see the meltdown the Giants had at the Lambeau Field but that’s life.

This week we have all 8 divisional champions left, that’s third time since 2002 realignment league that this happened and we might finally get 3 decent playoff games. So onto the divisional divisions people!

Seahawks @ Falcons: This is quite a show to get us going. Matt Ryan (hopefully an MVP soon) will be facing plenty of cover 3 and Richard Sherman‘s yapping. Russell Wilson‘s job will be easy as Atlanta doesn’t do a lot of defence. This game might be won or lost in a weird fashion of a weird play or two.

Seahawks to win 21:18

Texans @ Patriots: The Patriots have plenty of luck as they drew a sparring partner, a boy to beat in the Texans who are strangely fired up for that game. Perhaps Houston needs one more embarrassing outing to remind their players not to get excited.

Patriots to win 24:6

Packers @ Cowboys: Aaron Rodgers versus the rookie duo of Dak Prescott and the other Zak or Mak, Fak or whatever with an occasional flash from Dez Bryant dropping passes.

It’s a game where I really have no idea what is going to happen but despite poor defense on Packers’ side I’ll roll with the experience over the youth, even though the youngsters are at home this week.

Packers to win 30:16

Steelers @ Chiefs: Ben Roethlisberger will play even if he’ll have to wear a protective boot on his foot ouchie. And a lot will depend on how he plays this weekend; despite the Steelers having great offense going, Big Ben’s “brave” decisions might cost him dearly.
As for the Chiefs, well the defensive side is capable of scoring so don’t count the home team out here!

Chiefs to win 28:24

What are your picks for this weekend’s games? Let me know in the comment section gals and guys!

I am not a HardCore Gamer #43 (1)

2017 in gaming sphere in my world started as the 2016 finished; rather lazily, sluggishly and with very little gaming actually done. Part of the slow start has been my health that limited my pool of energy. That’s life and not much I can do about it besides manage it as best as I can.

Anyways… The games that welcomed the 2017 were Madden 17, Fallout 4 and This War is Mine. I’ve promised myself not to start Dishonored 2 until I’m done with Far Harbor and Nuka World DLCs from Fallout 4 but with the unexpected release of This War of Mine for free on PS Plus things got a bit more complicated and I’m not sure how I’ll squeeze it all in.Anyways, Madden 17 seen sporadic action really. I’ve only played two league games (my game is improving, I think) and spent little time on MUT, completeing some solos and sets.
Fallout 4 meets me past the introduction of Acadia members and Bertha is now on voyage towards Children of Atom. I’m glad I went back to get Nick to accompany me as his story is only adding to the taste of the journeys through the creepy island.
I’m actually amazed how much stuff Bethesda managed to cram into this DLC and I wonder why I didn’t get going there earlier… Hey better later than never.

This War is Mine dropped on me suddenly and I was pleased to see it free to grab for PS Plus members. I had thought of getting it before but never had the funds or the time. Now I have no choice other than play it and see how well I can manage.
It’s nothing fancy, graphic wise, although the way it is done seems cool and eye pleasing. The mechanic are fairly simple and the objective is clear: Survive.
I have played through few days so far and I have already managed to get one of the characters shot and I also robbed an old couple. Ah the choices…. It still appears to be a nice game with a lot to offer for those who like making choices.

Since my health has been failing me I got to play a fair amount of Gems of War and I also managed to get a couple of members into my guild. The weekly events that boost cetain classes definately made me try to choose other cards and build teams around variety of classes/ genres.
Other than that there haven’t been many more fireworks; I have also decided to try to include a count of trophies I amass through the year. An idea that I got from reading blog of 1 Broke Gamer Girl. I’m not sure I’ll remember to do it weekly but I’ll try.

Weekly Trophies Count

Trophies obtained: 7

Trophies total 2017: 7

NFL Rapid Predictions- Wild Card Bonanza!

Phew. We made it through people! We are in play offs. Well they are as we are out sadly thanks to the Colts disappointing campaign. Never mind.
The score for Week 17 was 10:6 which brought my total for the season 161:95 resulting with 0.629 for the year. Yay.
Now onto glamorous play off predictions; let’s go!

Raiders @ Texans: Whoa. Calm down people! There’ll be plenty of seats available for those who want to see Connor Cook first QB in NFL history to start their first game in play offs. He’ll face Brock Osweiler who will probably do anything he can to lose that game for the Texans. Thrilling night ahead of us ladies and gents…

Raiders to win 23:19

Lions @ Seahawks: The Lions lost 8 straight play off games and the Seahawks haven’t lost a play off game at home in a while. Make of it whatever you want but late comeback is a possibility as much as a total demolition. The bones will fly high but only one QB will come undefeated.
I’m rolling with “The Lucky Escape Pass Magic” aka Russell Wilson over “The Diving Bomb” Matthew Stafford.
I’m sorry Detroit. Life’s harsh.

Seahawks to win 17:10

Dolphins @ Steelers: It doesn’t look like Ryan Tannehill is going to start for the Dolphins so their plan of game will probably focus on pounding the ground with Jay Ajayi.
As for the Steelers? Well, you choose your poison. Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown or Le’Veon Bell… They’re all dangerous weapons. Bell has been the first player in NFL that averaged 100 rush yards and 50 receiving yards during his season. Great production and probably more to see in coming weeks.

Steelers to win 27:20

Giants @ Packers: The Game of the Week by far… Eli Manning supported by a solid defense and Aaron Rodgers supported by his receiving weapons. It’s really hard to say what this game will look like as the history favours Giants who beat the Packers at Lambeau Field twice in play offs on their way to two Super Bowls but the past is the past. The present is what counts and for me it all looks rather hard to decipher.

Packers to win 24:20

Well. Let’s see how many of my picks makes into the divisional round.
What are your picks gals and guys?

I am not a HardCore Gamer #42

Well, I hope your 2016 has treated you well and that 2017 will not be worse than last year and it delivers to all of you on grounds of family, health, friendships, personal growth and of course, gaming!
This last week of 2016 has turned out rather anti gaming as with the Xmas spirit and all of that I sort of was engaged in other things and I barely managed to get any gaming done making the future gaming harder as there’s already some sizeable (for me) back log creating…
Gaming wise gift from Xmas resulted in a copy of Dishonored 2 which I’m dying to start playing but first I gotta finish off Far Harbor and Nuka World from Fallout 4.. Sigh…
I like exploring all these virtual places and it really takes me a long time to get through this all stuff but I did manage to drag Nick Valentine to Acadia and that’s where I am now really.

I have ticked off some Madden play through my league games and a bit through MUT. I have also done a bit of Gems of War but as I said this week has been not a gaming one really.
In 2017 I think I’ll look into Witcher III as I got a loads of books by Sepkowski, Polish writer, the series that inspired the game. Funny thing, he started becoming popular as I was about to leave Poland and never got a chance to read his stuff, now I do, just in English 😉 I also got cool book with art stuff from the game so I think that will be one of my resolutions. To play Witcher III. Oh that’s all.

I wish you all to have a great fulfilling year 2017 that brings joy across all parts of your lives, including gaming. Keep well!

Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy- The Fairy’s Dead. 16

That’s all from us now really. The last game of the season’s upon us the Fairy’s Dead or otherwise occupied and the Colts are out of playoffs second year running.
The only wish I really have is for the management to look at the future now and let the 2nd, 3rd, 4th stringers to play it all out and see what they can muster.
Playing the few stars of this somewhat broken team would be an utter stupidity…
But the team will want the win against divisional rivalry and Andrew Luck, Frank Gore are close to reach certain milestones in their careers and T.Y. Hilton is leading receiver through 16 weeks so.. There.
After missing out on play offs second year running all we can wish for at this time is for the team management to hit the draft right and find some reasonably priced free agents if there are any and get properly prepared for the next season.
And until that point in September, let’s enjoy what 2017 is cooking for us.
Happy 2017 Gals and Guys!!!