Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy- 15

As I sit here, well kind of lay down, I know that the Football Wishing Fairy has to work wonders on three football fields for the Colts to make playoffs. The blowout of Minnesota came one week too late, one touchdown too late, one 1st down conversion too late. As much fun it was watch Andrew Luck dropped dimes to Phillip Dorsett that actually resulted in TD it was a very sad moment once I saw Ryan Succop bashing the second field goal attempt through the yellow sticks of Colts’ doom…

The Colts lost several close games but the game in London, against the Jaguars and both contests against the Texans will haunt the Colts players for a long time.
Now the Colts need to win both games, including this week at Oakland, the Titans need to lose to Jaguars and the Texans to Cincinnati and in the last week the Titans need to beat the Texans. Complicated, eh? Just one of the three mentioned games earlier, would make huge difference but the taste of 2016 will be sour and bitter and the guys will have to regroup and come back in 2017…
Ah…. There just isn’t enough time to make so many wishes involving so many teams so perhaps wishes of peacuful, joyful, healthy and wealthy Christmas will be better suited on this somewhat sad Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas people!


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