NFL Rapid Predictions- is it Xmas really??? Week 16.

I can tell you that predicting winners right in about 3/4 contests doesn’t translate into making money from some betting against the spread. Yes I did put 15 quid towards that thing, got 15 quid from the site, bet 13 quid altogether and earned fat zero. Haha. Well, I’ll bet away the reminder of money in the coming weeks and will probably stick to blogging…
Week 15 resulted in 11-5 record that brought my total so far to 142-84 for a chunky 0.628 still much, much better than my confused and confusing Colts.
The closest guess have been Jaguars losing to Texans, as I predicted 20:21 score but in real life the Jaguars were only able to muster 14 points to 21 of Houston. Both, Texans and Titans did they minimums and made Colts’ playoff chances nearly impossible. Two loses to Texans and one to Jaguars will be haunting Colts players for ever.

Since it’s Xmas week and children are soon to be unleashed my next two columns with predictions might be really short and sweet. Life, eh?
Let’s get on with WEEK 16!

Giants @ Eagles: Big game for the Giants who could possibly repeat some history if they end up playing Packers at Lambeau Field in playoffs and then facing the Patriots in Super Bowl.
First they gotta take care of this game. As for the Eagles? They have to play for fun really.

Giants to win 21:13

Vikings @ Packers: All of sudden and the Vikings are really in deep sh… after the beating they got from Colts at home. It’s amazing this team went undefeated for the longest this season.
As for the Packers? Their wide receiver is playing superbly at running back and Aaron Rodgers seem to be back to his mojo. Beware!

Packers to win 24:10

Chargers @ Browns: Pffft… I dunno really. It’d be exciting for Browns to get a win I guess…

Chargers to win 16:9

Falcons @ Panthers: Divisional rivalry. I’m pretty sure the Panthers are still within the shot of getting into play offs but they won’t.
The Falcons though, they can help their cause by getting the big W in Carolina.

Falcons to win 30:21

Redskins @ Bears: The Redskins really hurt themselves last Monday. The Bears…? Nearly time for off season, hey!

Redskins to win 24:17

Jets @ Patriots: Patriots carry on as usual, still in the race for number one seed. The Jets are in a race to find a quarterback of their future. Ouch!

Patriots to win 18:7

Titans @ Jaguars: The Titans are on a roll and they gotta beat this poor beaten up Jaguars team that just sacked their head coach. Believe or not but the Titans could get into playoffs. World’s crazy.

Titans to win 28:14

Dolphins @ Bills: There’s only wild card chance to slip into play offs and the road there goes through Buffalo this week. For Buffalo…? I’m not sure if they have any slightest chance for post season…

Dolphins to win 15:13

Buccaneers @ Saints: Huge one here for the Buccaneers as they didn’t defeat the Cowboys now they gotta beat hot read Drew Brees and his not so hot Saints.
That might be a cool watch!

Saints to win 38:24

Cardinals @ Seahawks: Birds. Birds. Birds everywhere.And Richard Sherman who losses his shit. A tie would be the most reasonable solution here.

Seahawks to win 20:18

49ers @ Rams: It just doesn’t matter but the game has to be played I guess.

49ers to win 21:17

Bengals @ Texans: The Bengals are out of playoffs but the Texans are still in the race despite Brock Osweiler doing whatever he can to lose games for the team that paid him $37 millions guaranteed… They sniffed it out eventually and benched him so Tom Savage can lead the charge.

Bengals to win 21:17

Ravens @ Steelers: Ah. That’s one of the luxury treats for us during Xmas. It’s meant to be tough, physical and cold. It can also turn into a mini war there.

Steelers to win 24:23

Colts @ Raiders: This game will be a one to watch if the Titans lose their game earlier to Jags or one to have a look at highlights if the Titans win. Sadly the Colts dig themselves a hole too high to dig out of it.
For Raiders is still much on as the seeding is not yet decided. No time to celebrate in Oakland.

Raiders to win 34:26

Broncos @ Chiefs: All for the Broncos in this game. Despite the dominant defense the Broncos struggle as its offense is really shut. The weapons that Peyton Manning used are somehow not producing as well as during his tenure.
The Chiefs gotta pick themselves up from the recent slip outs. It is going to be huge battle that folks will talk about forever.

Chiefs to win 20:10

Lions @ Cowboys: Ah this is another prime match up to see Christmas off. I’m not particularly fond of either team but the game will be delicious. With Matthew Stafford possibly trying to lead 9th comeback of the year and Zak, Dek Dez or what having a blow out party. Happy New Year. Boooom!

Cowboys to win 27:24

Thanks for reading guys I’m off to be jolly and merry and full of jelly!
Have a peaceful and rewarding Xmas!


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