Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy- Everyone Calmed Down Sadly Edition #14

Andrew Luck is just not good enough… to lead the Colts to AFC South champions title with little or no help from his team, coaches etc.
He used to be able to do that but since he enter the league, five season’s ago the bad AFC South slowly started getting stronger and the Colts became weaker. There’s been a constant regression and the Colts are about to miss the post season second year in a row, something that haven’t happened since 1997-98.
But Andrew Luck has played a solid season and he is on pace for career best in % completion but sadly also in sacks…
He gets little help from team mates on consistent basis and even T.Y. Hilton who’s having great year can sometimes do stupid things like this, costing his team valuable yards in effect:

And on days when TY struggles there’s very often little production from others. Sure, Jack Doyle, Dwayne Allen or Phillip Dorsett had their days but very often there’s no consistency from a game to game leaving Luck with no options to throw and lead the comebacks he was so famous for in his rookie season.

So this week’s wish to Wishing Fairy of Football is to have a solid, consistent game from the first kick off to the last whistle. That’s all. Just plenty of effort and consistency as they still have 6.6% chances of reaching post season….


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