I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #40

This week has been so odd so far that I’m already putting a first draft of my blog on a Thursday. I think it’s due to the fear of Xmas spirit arriving soon than I found myself in some sort of gaming depression of a nostalgic nature.
There was Madden 17 played, mainly games and franchise’s stuff in the HPL league. I have touched a bit of MUT but it wasn’t a lot really and quite a chunk of the time I spent on auction house trying to grab cards cheaply to complete few team heroes sets and doing few Ultimate Freeze solos as another program arrived to MUT. Sigh…

What hasn’t yet been played this week is Skyrim and it’s mainly due to a weird stubborn wish I felt recently about completing the DLC stuff for Fallout 4. I think I’m not allowing myself to fully immerse my character in the Skyrim world until I can fully get the post apocalyptic world of Fallout out of my head.

Those who read this column (if there are any) know that I have played second play through on a survival difficulty as Bertha Burps. She came back this week only to really die a lot as I struggle immensely at the moment.
I actually thought of really calling it a day with Fallout and never fully exploring Nuka World and Far Harbor due to so many deaths and so few beds in between to save that little progress I made but I think I’ll try to soldier on for a bit longer and maybe I’ll find my Fallout Mojo…

Cait and her complex issues travel along Bertha.

I mean I managed to get to Far Harbor eventually after so many deaths and successful ressurections and I’m quite happy I did as the atmosphere of that fairly big island is really cool, especially if it is played at night, and having the sound outputted through my Ear Force headphones.
Given the price I paid for the season pass, just the two DLCs with new areas (Far Harbour and Nuka World) would be enough really, the rest is just icing on top of the post apocalyptic cake.

Cait used to work as a model for a holiday agency before she went a bit weird.

I’m getting to a point of struggling after completing few quests, I gotta start scrounging for a bit as I’m in need of repairs of my and Cait’s power armours (it took me a while to figure it out how to make it wear it but eventually my gray mass succeeded). Doing it all in survival mode adds that element of extra caution which at times results in some cool creepy actions. I’m really enjoying this add on and Skyrim will have to wait a bit longer.

None knows what occurred here…

The last bit of gaming world belonged to Gems of War on my android phone. I’m still enjoying the game but I have slowed down a bit as I’m struggling to come up with some cool teams and I kind of got bored with my undead team but I keep it as I’ve got a decent success with it.
I wish I had more luck with recruiting people to my guild but I think it’s not going to be a great feat, especially that it is kind of part time game for me, just a bit of fun when I’m too tired to roll on a console…
What games have you, gals and guys played recently?? Are you expecting new titles comes Xmas day?


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