NFL Rapid Predictions- Some of us lost the hope, Week 15.

It’s nearly Xmas and for some teams the festive period seems like a dull and dark place as the possibility of reaching post season is nearly gone or it has already died. There are plenty of happy people though and with a score of 12-4 last week I should be happy too but the Colts are pretty much out of the play off race hence I’m not smiling.
Nevertheless I can’t ignore the fact that for the season I’m at 0.633 with 131-79 score. Not bad at all!
My closest guess was the game at Kansas where the Chiefs got their win with 21:13 score and I saw in my magic ball 21:17 score; anyway let’s quickly forget about the past week and move onto WEEK 15

Rams @ Seahawks: Well. Jeff Fischer is gone so the Rams might start playing better now since the curse of 7-9 is never going to happen to them. As far as the Seahawks are concerned, they’re still shaking off the beating they got at Lambeu Field.

Seahawks to win 17:6

Dolphins @ Jets: Oh dear. I don’t want to watch that or hear anything about that match up.

Dolphins to win 14:7

Jaguars @ Texans: After winning an important game in Indianapolis the Texans can charge surely into the playoffs because the world needs more Brock Osweiler action to watch.
At least Blake Bortles and the Jaguars are out of the question…

Texans to win 21:14

Colts @ Vikings:Well… It’s the game 8 of the play off dream for Colts… Only that there are only up to seven games in most play offs scenarios and the Colts lost that seventh game…
A little consolidation price tour for the biggest losers of AFC South begins here, the Colts are not out of playoffs but they’re not in the driving seat of their destiny either.
The Vikings… Well they had a hot start and since then they played rubbish ball so it doesn’t matter.

Vikings to win 21:19

Packers @ Bears: The real Packers are back by the looks of things and the Bears are still the Bears so it should be like warming up football for Rodgers and co.

Packers to win 24:14

Browns @ Bills: Ah… Who cares????

Bills to win 17:9

Lions @ Giants: The Lions led by Stafford set the record for most game winning drives/comebacks in one season. The Giants are the only team to beat the Cowboys this season, twice. This is a huge game actually and there’s plenty on the plate… I think I’ll skip the mushrooms though…

Lions to win 24:21

Eagles @ Ravens: I haven’t really followed much of these two teams, I only know that Justin Tucker had a blocked FGA that will spoil his perfect stat sheet this year…

Ravens to win 27:20

Steelers @ Bengals:Ah… Fierce divisional rivalry that could end up being dirty and ugly at some point. Otherwise there’s plenty to play for the Steelers not so much the Bengals who were underwhelmingly average this regular season.

Steelers to win 20:17

Titans @ Chiefs: Huge game that no one saw coming once the schedule was set. The Titans are 7-6 and still in play off hunt! The Chiefs are average but they are very good at being average everywhere and some say they might be a tough nut once the play offs come, especially if they keep winning getting a good seed place in AFC.

Chiefs to win 19:14

49ers @ Falcons: It’s an important game for the Falcons and Matt Ryan who won’t be voted an MVP. As for the 49ers, they can’t wait until the offseason start so they can stop embarrassing themselves.

Falcons to win 36:14

Saints @ Cardinals: Two potentially dangerous teams with plenty of offense going on that experienced a pretty sad seasons and might be looking into the future that looks bleak like the bleakest night of nights, are meeting together for a sad party. Some one has to leave it smiling though

Saints to win 27:24

Patriots @ Broncos: Well. Not long ago it used to be THE Game Everyone was talking about. Now, it’s a game of defending champions who will more likely miss playoffs and their old enemies who won’t.

Patriots to win 30:15

Raiders @ Chargers: Divisional match ups can be tedious but not this one. The Raiders are still in the play and still in a small chance of top two seeds in AFC so it’s a must win, especially after the ugly loss to Chiefs.
The Chargers? Well the game’s on the schedule, they gotta turn up.

Chargers to win 31:28

Buccaneers @ Cowboys: Ah. That might be a topsy turvy type of a game. The Bucs changed recently into a defensive house and the Cowboys offense slowed down a bit so it might come down to a fumble or two to get the score set.

Cowboys to win 14:13

Panthers @ Redskins: Hm… I can’t be bothered with this match up really… The Redskins have to though so they’ll play hard. So will the Panthers but their season’s over.

Redskins to win 20:17

Who do you have winning games this week gals and guys???


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