I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #39

It has been a very slow week in my little gaming world. I mean really slow and I think partly it was due to me wanting to ‘check down’ so many things that it eventually put me off playing on some days but still, I managed to immerse myself a little bit more in the digital world of sports, adventures and glitches.

Madden 17 got a short handed deal this week as I’ve only completed the December Gauntlet and played few league games, one of which I lost 0-34. 😦
MUT is slowly wearing out on me as EA keeps on adding new cards and I can’t be bothered to keep playing the same challenges over and over again (yet I did 60 solos for the Gauntlet); I’m also realising that my own offline franchise might not get off at all as somehow I’m quite fulfilled with the HPL League and I have few players I like watching as they grow…

T. J. Green becomes some sort of Fumble Specialist in his second year. Here, sacking Cousins in a surprise win by the Colts over the Jaguars.

Speaking of growing… My Skyrim journey is taking me to weird places, most of which are not related to the main story or even the side quests…
I’ve tried sticking to the quests that are not in the miscellaneous list but it seems there’s so many little things to do that eventually me and Lydia take a detour.
I like Lydia even though she’s a bit daft and gets stuck in places or goes ‘huh’ from time to time. She’s also not the best conversational partner but hey, one can’t be picky, especially if one is Dragonborn.

I have managed to progress the main story as I went to see the Grey Beards and also popped in to Solhsteim (never knew there were more map areas beside the main map) and quickly left really as I wanted to stay with some of the areas near Wildhelm. It is hard life and there’s so much to do and collect that I fear I’ll never reach any acceptable ending I think.

There are some happy Skyrim members able to just chill…

My Gems of War guild took few steps back sadly as quite a few members left my guild and completing tasks became a bit harder and slower to complete.
The game itself is what it is but the hero/troop collecting/levelling up can get quite a day to day job.
It is amazing actually that there’s so many ‘free to play’ games and those games have regular gamers, communities and they keep on going; it is as nearly whole world discovered smartphones and realised they liked some gaming entertainment… Ahhh. XXI Century.

I’m not sure what is going to entertain me next week but I can assume more Skyrim journeys and some Madden games will be there for sure.
What games have you enjoyed or planning on getting this rainy and cold December?


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