NFL Rapid Predictions- Play Offs Chase, Week 14.

Well, I should have tried some form of betting this past week as a came 12-3 again for the week. The total now stands at 0.623 with a record of 119-72.
Has the NFL became so predictable or have I run some sort of lucky streak that could have earned me some dosh should I be brave and bet some real money on some of the games? We will never know.
The closest prediction last week was the game at Jacksonville where the Broncos won 19:10 and I gave them 20:10 win.
The whole week had some bizzare results with the Seahawks blowing out the Panthers due to Newton’s tie (lol), or the crazy Falcon 2pt conversion try when up one saw the loosing the game by one when Berry intercepted the said try and return it home. Or even the Colts having one of the biggest (if not the biggest) blow out victories when under Pagano…
Never mind, time to move to WEEK 14 Predictions. Go!

Raiders @ Chiefs: Ah… The December football, it doesn’t get much better than that… Unless your team is still in full swing comes January… In the meantime this cracking match up might shape the play off bracket in AFC and set the tone for the final weeks.
I’m not sure if I take the crazy Eric Berry led secondary of Chiefs or the explosive Carr led offense of the Raiders. And no, I don’t think that Derek Carr is an MVP… Neither should you but hey…look at Cam Newton‘s case…

Chiefs to win 21:17

Vikings @ Jaguars: Ah, once the mighty Vickings, the Super Bowl contenders… Well they shouldn’t have problems making Blake Bortles look helpless.

Vikings to win 17:9

Texans @ Colts: After the collapse in 4th quarter of their last game against the Texans, Colts should just come out all angry and demolish the inferior team the way they did to the Jets.
Plenty on stake here, AFC South crown and play off tickets that little step closer…
Colts can also make Osweiler look like God of Gods though so it all hangs in a fragile balance of universe’s forces.

Colts to win 34:20

Seahawks @ Packers: Hm… Are the Packers back or was it just a blimp of blimps? I suppose we will find out when the host the Seahawks in a possibly a snowy Lambeu Field.
Can the Seahawks hang in there without one of their defensive leaders incapacitated by a nasty leg injury? Time will tell…

Packers to win 14:12

Steelers @ Bills: An important game for the Steelers not that important for the Bills. The AFC horizon is slowly shaping and while the Bills could jump the Dolphins and somehow squezze into the play off picture, they won’t make the case this week at least…

Steelers to win 27:14

Cardinals @ Dolphins: Ah… The Dolphins dropped it big time last week and the vision of play offs became that little bit fuzzier… It is still there but they gotta feast on strangled out of the juice, Cardinals who don’t want to go down easily…

Cardinals to win 24:20

Bears @ Lions: Oh… I don’t know… The Bears won their last game in snowy Soldier Field. It took them like a half to complete a pass though…
The Lions had their first game of the season when they didn’t trail in 4th quarter… They actually never were behind last week…

Lions to win 27:10

Bengals @ Browns: Oh, this game is just so uninspiring that I can’t imagine people ever wanted to watch it, let alone attend…

Bengals to win 14:10

Broncos @ Titans: Ah, the tour of the AFC continues for the defending champions. It’s an important game for both teams and this time, the Broncos will have to produce more offense than they did in Jacksonville.
The Titans might set themselves for a gigantic story line if the win this one.

Titans to win 19:14

Redskins @ Eagles: This match up doesn’t really interest me at all despite some possible play off implications there. It’s just two not interesting teams. Someone gotta win though…

Eagles to win 17:14

Chargers @ Panthers: I think the Chargers are pretty much out of play off picture despite some mathematical chances. Same goes for the Panthers led by tie-less Cam Newton whose case proves the bandwagon theory so well… MVP my bum…

Panthers to win 21:18

Jets @ 49ers: Oh dear. This game is so huge for either of these two teams but the first pick is more likely reserved by the Browns. The 49ers should remain clever and just be at the game whilst Jets have a bit of uplifting activities.

Jets to win 14:9

Saints @ Buccaneers: Ah, twas a shame when Drew Brees failed to score a touchdown at home last week, 60 games streak was broken… It doesn’t matter, the show must go on and messing up plans for a divisional foe should be the highest priority.
For Tampa Bay it is another must win game as they chase their playoff dreams…

Saints to win 31:24

Falcons @ Rams: I’m not sure that Matt Ryan can fully recover from last week’s 2pt conversion attempt that he threw right into hands of an opponent that turned one point lead into a one point loss.
Luckily, the Rams are not much of a sensible team so there’s hope for Falcons…

Falcons to win 30:16

Cowboys @ Giants: A big game for big boys. The Giants are the only team to win against the Cowboys this season and now the hottest team on the Earth gets a chance circa sweet revenge but what will happen if the Giants win the second game too? Many eyes on Dak and Zak and Dez. Sounds like a fanboy group of hippies…

Giants to win 21:17

Ravens @ Patriots: And the week ends on a possible play off preview game between two old rivals that have some beef to sort out from the past.
The Pats are without Gronk and Edelman is beat up so the Ravens could become a team to steal it all in the future if they pull the win out of the Dark Forces team…

Patriots to win 17:16

And that’s all for now. What are your picks for the games this upcoming weekend?


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