Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy- we are back. #12

Despite missing Luck and losing the game 7-28 it wasn’t as ugly as the score looks really, the problem though is that the Colts are not built for Super Bowl run and reaching the play offs might be too much of an ask.
Andrew Luck passed the concussion protocol and I hope that the Football Fairy ensures there’s no more concussion inducing hits to any of the Colts players; well… any players from any team… Basically everyone should be prevented from getting concussed… and ill… and…
Anyway, I think given the fact that December is upon us all I can wish for the Colts is to get wins and remain healthy.
I’ve still got the flashbacks of last season meet up between these two teams and what embarrassing embarrassment it was.
The football fairy should spare the Jets fans from Fitzpatrick’s meltdown but the Fairy should also ensure that the justice is served and the Colts win. Not sure why I see it as a justice but hey, I do and I want the Colts to get that win for the last season.
Other than that, I really haven’t got much more for this Monday night match up that will screw up my Tuesday a bit. Hey!


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