I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #38

There has been a considerable progress and some regressive scenario this week. The progress has been the amount of time I’ve spent playing Madden 17 (little); the regress was and still is a thumb injury I sustained when fixing my son’s tablet. I mean it’s nothing huge but I keep ripping that injured part of skin off and so it keeps on bleeding and being all silly sensitive. I’ll live, I promise.

With little Madden time it resulted in more time spent on Gems of War and Skyrim plus some self learning on excel that chips in my gaming time. Let’s see where I got this past week…

Andrew Luck finds TY Hilton for a beautiful TD.

I barely touched MUT in Madden but I suppose when December gauntlet drops I might get back to it, the new set of Team heroes isn’t really great so most of the time spent on this title was in my franchise with the HPL league. I’m on a 3 game winning streak, that includes two games against humans and a game and a half without my star QB who got injured and will miss two more games.
All in all I’m very pleased with the progress I seem to have achieved with football tactics; so far this season I am able to generate turnovers while limiting my own ones and kicking game has been solid too. I struggle with running and run defense.

Remains of dragon number 5 and Lydia.

As far as Skyrim goes I’m doing well on the front of miscellaneous quests as I have completed over 50 of them but progressing main story or side quests is a bit trickier as I get distracted by new discoveries and locations that usually lead to more miscellaneous stuff but I think that this week I have finally managed to get a better grasp on the game itself and even worked out the soul trapping business.
I still have a long way to fully develop my character the way I want it but I’m not 100% sure I know what type of character I would like. I’m intrigued by the fear/calm stuff as well as rising the dead but I’m not sure I am able to handle the game this way. Majority of my skill levelling goes into archery, alchemy, armor (I get hit a lot!) and speech but I’m trying to involve more and more other ways of trying to get through the game. Still I’ve got plenty of time.

Skyrim sightseeing offers plenty of breath taking sights.

The last game that took my time away has been Gems of the War on android which I kind of hooked myself into. I mean it’s basicly a bubble crash game but I like the guild, the hero levelling and perks that keep the game in sort of progressing theme. The guild is getting stronger, most people getting involved into the tasks so the rewards are plentiful too. At times I feel a bit guilty that as a guild master I don’t spend as much time/ resources as some other members but that’s just my screwed up idea of community gaming I think.

Anyway, recently I have been invited to join this lovely movie/ gaming/ pop culture community and I started contributing there too. If you wish to go and have a look please feel free and if you would like to know what I think about Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500P headphones which I got for my birthday as a late gift my somewhat quirky opinion can be found in this little post.
I hope you gals and guys have had a great week filled with some cool gaming stories. Until next week!


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