NFL Rapid Predictions- Thanksgiving; Week 12.

Well. What do you know? I’ve had another week of right predictions reaching double digits. For Week 11 my score 11-3 looks really good.
Overall I’m nearing 100 right picks and I’m currently scoring 59% with 95-66 score but since it’s kind of shorter week for few teams actually I’m bound to get my scores all messed up, watch this space!

Let’s go with WEEK 12 predictions!

Vikings @ Lions: The Lions have a kissing record when it comes to Thanksgiving games but the tradition must be continued and there’s no better rival than the resurrected Vikings making this match up somewhat watchable for us non NFC fans folks.

Vikings to win 31:28

Redskins @ Cowboys: Ah, another traditional Thanksgiving meet up and since the Dallas are red hot and the Redskins are coming off red hot SNF demolition of Green Bay this divisional match up will probably be the best game of the day, sadly.

Cowboys to win 27:21

Steelers @ Colts: This was one of THE games to watch when the schedule was released but now, since both teams are only 5-5 and they try to salvage they depressing campaigns, the game wasn’t that hot on radar as it could be.
Still, Big Ben vs Luck and Brown vs Hilton, Bell vs the Colts leaky defense could provide a high scoring affair to please, our hungry of touchdowns, eyes.
The thing is, Andrew Luck is in concussion protocol and his status for Thursday is unknown at the time of the writing.
Regardless of Luck being in or out I think I’d still pick the Steeleres but the score differential would be somewhat dependant on Andrew’s appearance…

Steelers to win 42:24

Cardinals @ Falcons: Ha. Third week in a row we have a meeting of the birds, this time the underwhelming Cardinals fly to visit slightly overwhelming Falcons. It should be quite an easy game to watch with plenty of air yards as both qbs like to shout it out, so to speak.

Falcons to win 34:24

Rams @ Saints:Oh boy. I think Jeff Fisher is about to visit lands previously not known to NFL coaches, sadly the lands are nothing to be proud off.
Brees and Saints will see some opposition but the old vet should eventually get the ball tipped in the Saints direction for an easy win.

Saints to win 32:16

Chargers @ Texans: After the controversial Monday’s loss to Oakland in Mexico, the Texans are going to try to put things right and keep their lead in AFC South.
It won’t be easy as the Chargers are a bit of unknown quality and depending on the direction of Philip Rivers shouts the results might vary considerably.

Texans to win 18:16

49ers @ Dolphins: Ah. The Kaepernick jokes will never end at least until his retirement. Despite some semi solid play Colin still has a lot to improve and it might be hard to do it against recently stout front of Dolphins’ defense.
Miami has been grabbing all the wind they can find and it lifted them to some nice wins recently and over .500 record.

Dolphins to win 24:19

Giants @ Browns: “Giant Turds”. That should be a brand name for something… more exciting than this game…

Giants to win 21:9

Bengals @ Ravens: It’s hard to believe but neither of these two teams are having a great season but there’s still potential with playoff outlook out of this game for both teams. Divisional rivalry, long traditions of ugly games, should be fun to watch for some.

Ravens to win 17:14

Jaguars @ Bills: Both teams disappointed their fan bases. The Jaguars are apparently screwing Blake Bortles who’s becoming some sort of garbage time king of stats and in Buffalo there’s not many intriguing things so….

Bills to win 22:13

Seahawks @ Buccaneers: The Buccaneers turned their season around by forcing more turnovers on opponents rather than giving the ball away.
It’s going to be a tall order facing the hot hotness of the Seahawks though…

Seahawks to win 17:14

Panthers @ Raiders: That could end up being a great watch comes Sunday evening. The Panthers are still trying to overcome the Super Bowl hangover by winning some games and Raiders are just winning games leading their division looking solid for a chance at wild card round bye… Crazy…

Raiders to win 24:21

Patriots @ Jets: Ah. The rivalry used to be fun to watch but nowadays the Jets have not much to show except the free entry to Revis Island for pretty much everyone and the quarterback saga that is going to see Ryan Fitzpatrick back.
On the Patriots side business is as usual, the Gronk injury is something to keep an eye on but it’s hardly entertaining…

Patriots to win 37:17

Chiefs @ Broncos: There’s the gem of week 12. AFC West battle of the play off right to entry. The Broncos are not the one from a season ago and the Chiefs dropped a big turd playing Tampa Bay.
Both teams are worth watching as the battle for division evolves, both are capable and both need that win.
So… A tie then…?

Chiefs to win 19:14

Packers @ Eagles: The week will be closed by desperate Packers who just are not them anymore and hot starting Eagles that cooled down significantly since the strange start to the season.
All sorts could happen here but eventually there will have to be a winner. No more ties this season!!!

Packers to win 30:21

Phew… We have survived another black Friday and now it’s plain cruising towards the Christmas and then play off battles. Joys of joys!
What are your picks for this week guys??


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