Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – #10 is a round number.

Well. Football Fairy. If you ever cared for our troubles now it is time to show it off. The final stretch of 7 games that some hope will see the Colts smashing into play offs.
This week we host the Titans (whom we already beat once) and on short notice we see the Steelers coming over for some turkey Thursday night. First the Titans, who are on a hot streak and who gave Aaron Rodgers whopping by gaining 353 yards and scoring 35 points… in the first half.
They also kicked off with an onside kick off and knowing the Colts like tricking the Titans with these we might be up for some funky call playing where Football Fairy’s influence might be quite important…
Anyways, both teams need that win badly and for both teams a loss could well mean the end of the 2016 campaign (although in AFC South sometimes there’s no end to this misery of qualifying into playoffs).
Main task here for the Colts is to slow down the ground attack, get ours going and see what hides downfield.
It’s easier said than done but we beat that team once already without our no 2 and 3 receivers and Luck’s sheet against Tennessee is still clear so a bit of help from the Fairyland could help us turn the advantage to our side.
Regardless, a game that looked on paper in August like a Sunday bore, now looks like all guns firing type of smash out football.
Time will tell who shouts louder and whose actions are heard and seen better. Go Colts!


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