NFL Rapid Predictions- Week 11 just like that.

The media say it was the best weekend of Football in this season, given the fact of some stunners like the Hawks beating the Pats at home with kind of deja vu experience.
For me it was pretty bad as score for WEEK 10 was 6-8 which lowered my overall score to 0.571 with 84-63, still better than the Colts.

The closest encounter to my prediction was the game in Washington where the box score said MIN@WAS 20:26 and my tip stood at 17:26.

Anyways… Now it is time for Week 11 predictions so hold onto something solid, peeps.

Saints @ Panthers: The week 11 starts with actually a decent TNF match up that might bring some of the viewership back to mother NFL. The quirky Saints that lost twice this season by a two point play (conversion by Oakland, blocked PAT returned to home by Denver) who go to visit their beloved divisional friends, the Panthers.
There’s plenty more of all sorts expected after Carolina gave up 20 unanswered points to lose to the Chiefs 20-17 after 17-0 lead. It is not Newton’s year at all…

Panthers to win 27:24

Buccaneers @ Chiefs: The Chiefs are apparently not great at anything but are good at everything and they are quietly collecting them wins having the best win- loss record in last 20 something weeks.
The Buccaneers were handed a win by Cutler and Bears so they are high and happy unaware of what lurks beneath…

Chiefs to win 21:17

Titans @ Colts: Ah. The must game. The beginning of the road to play offs. The end of hopes…
Normally in the world we used to know, the Colts would host the Titans, recover few onside kicks and rolled all over the guests. In this world though, the Colts might be up for a nasty surprise from the Titans who whopped Aaron Rodgers and his Packers.
Both teams gotta win the game to keep up with the race to play offs in the shameful AFC South so perhaps a tie would be suitable to sustain the suspence…

Colts to win 34:28

Steelers @ Browns: The Browns fans are thinking of having a parade if their team goes 0-16. I think it must jinx it now and Cleveland will win a game or two just to annoy their fans.
It’s not going to be this week as the Steelers must redeem themselves finally and get a win or two before it’s too late. No better week than now.

Steelers to win 26:14

Cardinals @ Vikings: The Vikings dropped another game and some people who had seen Minnesota reaching the Super Bowl declared it is high time to hit that panic button now. Well… From where I sit, they never were going to the Super Bowl so no panic here.
As for the Cardinals, their whole season looks like a lot of random periods of panic mixed with lethargy and boredom…

Vikings to win 21:18

Bears @ Giants: Ah. There must be a quarterback out there in Chicago to lead the Bears out of this darkness… Jay Cutler just doesn’t do it anymore and he is said to be loosing support in the locker room…
As for Giants… They’re ok. I think they are as I pay little attention to their nonsense.

Giants to win 28:19

Jaguars @ Lions: The future of these two teams looks so different to each other. The Jauars are facing a fairly disappointing campaign full of hard to swallow loses while the Lions are enjoying some last seconds wins as Stafford is paving his way to many firsts and more wins making the Lions look like a real play off deal.
Should the game against Jaguars be a close one to follow the Lions script or heartbreaking in tone of Jacksonville’s despair..?

Lions to win 31:19

Bills @ Bengals: Two teams that want to be tougher than what the standing table shows. These teams are not very exciting to watch or follow so I don’t waste my time with either. Still someone has to win that game, can’t have two ties the same week…

Bengals to win 24:18

Dolphins @ Rams: Oh boy. Another meeting of teams that only local fans can get excited. After stealing a win in San Diego after Philip Rivers’ turnover meltdown the Miami are heading to LA where the Rams are still trying to wake up from the boredom of 9:6 win they squeezed out of the Jets.
This game has a potential to turn ugly and painful pretty soon after the first whistle.

Dolphins to win 16:10

Patriots @ 49ers: I’m pretty sure that Bill “The Hoodie” Belichick could start his 2nd stringers with a dab of 3rd ones and that team would still walk all over the 49ers led by the Colin “Not Voted” Kaepernick. Life’s tough in San Francisco and it is very sad… for those who support the 49ers…

Patriots to win 35:10

Eagles @ Seahawks: The two birds teams meeting second time in a row but this time it should be much easier to establish who is really flying and who is being flown.
The early magic that was present in Philadelphia seems to have turned into dark and grim reality whilst the rustiness finally got shook off the legion of doom or boom or bust and some reckon the Seahawks will be deadly again.

Seahawks to win 21:13

Packers @ Redskins: Well this is a tricky one really and possibly the beginning of an end of the world we know. The Packers are not these Packers we have got used to see, these are broken Packers and that’s why the election vote went that way not the other. Until someone fixes Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers the world will tumble and rumble so let’s hope the fixing process starts now with beating the Redskins who are somewhat enjoying a half decent season so far.

Redskins to win 27:24

Texans @ Raiders: And the week will end with a match up of redesigned franchises. One is hot and looking really solid and the other one’s record looks solid but it’s far from being hot.
The way Osweiler plays the Texans should be like 3-6 at best but hey they look solid for play offs. At least at the minute they do…

Raiders to win 38:17

Yes, some interesting games now appear from the fog of ten weeks of playing and certain match ups look quite superb while others look like… Yeah never mind, time will tell how close/ far I was with my picks.

PS. I realised i missed one game and I twas Ravens @  Cowboys and I can see hot Dallas powered by Dak and Zak(?) to cruise to a win.
Cowboys to win 24:16


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