I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #35

The week got started aggressively from… more Madden 17 game play, thanks to November gauntlet dropping on us…
I swear that EA has it all sorted to at least Super Bowl. They’ll not allow people like me to walk away from MUT peacefully until then at least. Sigh…
As soon as the November Gauntlet was completed and I collected 90 OVR Phillip Rivers I was welcomed with Most Beard promotion, quickly followed by new chemistry solos that covers all types of chemistries awarding you with yet another set of special players and God knows what else and it finally starts to break me up a bit as I realise I really gotta let go off the mode as EA won’t stop pushing new content and I won’t manage to keep up with completing the sets, solos, challenges and what not. Sigh…

Anyway, this week I have spent some middays at the auction house trying to pick up reasonably priced cards to complete some of the heros sets that Grant 87 OVR players which now can be traded for an 88+ (5 players for 1 though) so it got me a bit going and I spent around 100k and got my team upgraded in few positions.
As far as CFM mode goes, the first season of our HPL reached conclusion this week and we are about to do some drafting this weekend but at the time of writing I don’t know when it happens.
I hope to attend it and find some good players out there and leave the MUT behind a bit but we will see.

Anyways the biggest event of the week was getting Skyrim for my birthday and I have started a journey through the lands and I quickly got confused as the game is so similar to Fallout but the controls aren’t and it just puzzles me why the same company decided to have different controls lay out for their games.
The game itself gave me some mixed feelings and after several hours spent with it I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Perhaps next week I’m going to have a bit more to say…

Plenty of beautiful bones from Bozyszcz’s first killed dragon.

In a meantime I’m quite busy ‘doing some grocery shopping’ making sure I’ve got enough salt for cooking some basic foods as I’m not very skilled at combat and health potions run out quite quickly as the opponents can be quite nasty (or perhaps it’s just me).
At least I can fast travel which feels so strange after playing survival mode on Fallout 4 and needing to walk everywhere. I hope to get bit more engaged with this game and decide what type of character I want to build but it’s a bit too much to embrace at the minute.

Rest of the gaming time was put into Gems of War and I just continued earning some good to complete guild tasks. I find some of the quests quite hard and at times I really struggle to put a competitive squad of players.
I think the game requires a bit more strategic planning as to where and when to use mana and when to swap cards for different colours or skills they have. Still much more engaging version of candy crush saga 😉

What games have taken up your time this week gals and guys (I’d not be surprised to hear “Dishonored 2”- I decided to wait up (plenty of Skyrim to play through and get the game perhaps on black Friday or other funky sale).


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