Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Diary #8

Hey there Football Wishing Fairy. You are probably aware that Andrew Luck had a rather poor outing against the Chiefs which led them to begin spanked at home and first time this season the Colts offense failed to reach 20 points.

Things are bad down there in Indianapolis and if you’d ever wanted to actually make real difference and change things around Football Wishing Fairy this is a very good point to do so, otherwise…

Hm… Having a high pick in next year’s draft would be beneficial providing the management would be able to find right players out there but still there are eight games remaining and being in AFC South always gives you a chance for playoffs…

This week it’d be reassuring to see Luck from beginning of the season, striking at high rate and making smart decisions.
Hilton and his injuries- don’t push it once the game is out of the reach. Allen- don’t make his ankles worse (Doyle is great this season but I miss Fleener).

Another wish for this week- since the right side of o-line is injured and it’s all down to back ups (although starters play like back ups at time) to protect Luck, please some good vibes there.

Defensively, let the young guys play hard and let them learn a lot, don’t let them to ruin the effort with flags, same goes for the o-line. Don’t pick up more injuries and see how much lack of Mike Adams affects the secondary.

Otherwise, let the guys enjoy the iconic Lambeau as much as you can as they won’t see it for a while once they’ll lose a game there in a spectular fashion.
Yeah I have no doubts, this once promisingly looking match up, is going to be a source of sadness for the Colts fans. Sigh…


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