I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #34

In not so gaming related news, my first World Series live watching session is over. And I’m really tired… (Ah I used to stay up all night watch NBA finals, go to school carry on like nobody’s business and go to sleep the next night and now… Eh… Getting old and unwell sucks.

In more gaming related news I promised myself to finally ease off on MUT and I pretty much completed most of the objectives and solos that earned me few cards including one enraged one elite, SS Collins and two elite Most Feared one’s with single chemistries; 91 WR Hopkins and 88 HB Henry. Some of the cards are worth over 100 k coins but… I’m still playing this mode and I can not start my own offline franchise. Sigh.
In the online one at HPL my season reached the end with 4-12 record; my rookie safety won Rookie of the Year award and Pro Bowl appearance so there’s at least some success. The experience he earned is going to be well spent on making him a proper stud and with his age of 22 I’ve got few years to make him a star.
I’m hoping to attend upcoming draft and put some excel tool created by one fella to work and see if I can find some hidden gems.

Sparkling new Vikings stadium. Thing of a beauty.

Speaking of gems… Gems of War slowly became my little go to game and my guild has grown to 8 players now, most of which contribute stuff daily. That’s really cool, shame no one uses the chat there but hey.
I can sometimes lost myself in it for an hour or so, especially on these bad days when the pain bothers me more than usual.

Lords of the Fallen has been completed although I’m assuming I missed quite a few side quests since they’re not tracked there it is easy to forget. I managed to gather over 20 human skulls and several human tattoos for them to be stashed away as I forgot the locations of the quest givers.
The game’s been ok but lack of difficulty settings nearly put me off it, as much as I like challenges at times I wonder if I really gotta beat them. That was the case with this game. It turned out I had to get it done and somehow I have actually managed. Phew…

And that would be all really. Next week I should really go back to Fallout and finish the DLC off but I’m also thinking of getting Skyrim for my birthday so… things might get hairy. Time will tell and in the meantime let’s enjoy everything that surrounds us all, from big to little things.
Until next week.


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