NFL Rapid Predictions – Half way through; Week 9.

Was I on fire or was I on bloody fire, eh? There have back to back weeks with games resulting in tie first time since many many many moons ago and I nearly predicted it too. Well I thought the Bengals wouldn’t lose to Redskins and they didn’t but they also failed to win…
Anyways my Week 8 score was 10-3 and it brought me to overall score being now 67-53 (0.558). I’m still much better than my Colts are… :sad face:

The closest prediction from week 8 has been a somewhat surprise win (it didn’t surprise me, even though it actually did lol) by the Saints. The board showed SEA @NO 21:27 and my pick was at 20:25. Am I getting better???

And now Week NINE aka as the halfway through. Let’s rapidly see what’s coming at us.

Falcons @ Buccaneers: Atlanta’s explosive offense meets Tampa’s exhausted lot that endured a devastating OT and allowed Raiders’ quarterback over 500 yards. With Matt Ryan and Julio Jones rocking the swag of explosiveness and recent fashion for overtime we might see some records being broken.
Hopefully these records won’t be set in category of amount of penalties one team can commit and still survive…

Falcons to win 38:34

Cowboys @ Browns: The Browns were sooooo close to grabbing their first win but it just escaped from them and they could only feel the cold touch of sadness and desperation. Not even baseball could cheer the few committed to the Browns fans.
Dallas… Is it Dak or Tony? Romo or Prescott? Ah it doesn’t matter. Some journalists see them as Super Bowl contenders but I still see them for they are… Cowboys in silly pants.

Cowboys to win 23:18

Eagles @ Giants: Ah. I don’t care really. Neither them can get me excited. Neither will make Super Bowl (I hope!) so whether it’s Manning or Wentz I can’t see huge stories coming out of this match up unless OBJ found a way to get the net pregnant…
New York and its glamorous side…

Giants to win 28:21

Jaguars @ Chiefs: Ah. There’s notion that Jaguars’ head coach is on his way out… The team sounded much more promising before the seasons started. Now it’s just the usual in Jacksonville. They still have back to back wins over the Colts.
Speaking of Colts, after the Chiefs beat them with a back up qb and one that was evaluated for concussion twice, not much can go against them can it?
Well Jamal Charles landed on IR and his explosive career is more likely over. Luckily for the Chiefs there’s always Kelce. He knows how to get the job done. Just ask the Colts’ D.

Chiefs to win 31:19

Steelers @ Ravens: I’m not sure if Big Ben is in or out (too much things are going on to keep an eye on), so this match up comes down to air attack with no defence if Ben is in or some sort of wizardry from Ravens including hefty amount of passing if he’s out.
Ravens looked good at the beginning of the season but faded away while the Steelers always look good if Big Ben is in.
The thing is, he might be out…

Ravens to win 24:21

Jets @ Dolphins: Ah these two teams could actually end up putting a great show on display without actually putting many great players on the turf. Both clubs had fairly disappointing season and regardless of the score it will continue. Unless it’s a tie, then things will get much more interesting in between the Sunday’s.

Dolphins to win 19:14

Lions @ Vikings: As the Lions started looking pretty solid and good they dropped a game to Houston. The Vikings were once a team with quite a few wins and no losses but in short time they manage to lose two games, the last one to struggling Bears, and their offensive coordinator is gone. So are the chances of serious noise this post season (there weren’t many anyway).

Lions to win 23:21

Saints @ 49ers: This should be an easy outing for Drew Brees regardless of how easy the Saints defence will make it for the 49ers to score. No really there shouldn’t be any drama and with NFC South being… NFC South and the Saints last win over the Seahawks things start to look quite interesting in New Orlean.
Unfortunately, the state of affairs in San Francisco is rather miserable. Not “presidential campaign miserable” but close enough.

Saints to win 37:24

Panthers @ Rams: Cam Newton complained about dirty hits the league responded that he is in fact in top…10 of quarterbacks with getting hit late, hard and whatnot. So there…
Rams love physical football so perhaps we might see this devastatingly poor MVP to get few more hits into early retirement… Or 250 yellow flags for each breath the opponents laid on Newton…

Rams to win 19:16

Titans @ Chargers: The game between two teams that could have an explosive week every week but not necessarily the explosions could go the right way.
One week the offense is ticking. The next week the defence takes over but this time it’s the opponent’s D feeding of offensive collapse.
Plenty of that could happen here and it could actually affect both teams!

Chargers to win 31:26

Colts @ Packers: This was one of the game I had circled in the calendar. I could go assume many other fans had this Rodgers vs Luck match up marked.
The thing is, the Colts struggle mightily even when Luck plays superbly and the Packers have seem to have lost their mono on the offense.
On the plus side, both defences offer plenty of hope for aerial shootout with the balls flying high and deep. No one knows what will actually occur in there this Sunday. No one. Be prepared.

Packers to win 37:34

Broncos @ Raiders: After last week’s record setting performance Derek Carr is ready to carve the Broncos defence from every single angle possible. It is a game for a divusion lead and with Raiders’ very good first bit of the season and Denver’s solid defence it looks like a great game.
As the past shows this match up will probably disappoint us all.

Raiders to win 29:22

Bills @ Seahawks: The week looks to finish with some ugly defensive slug fest. It’s not gonna be pretty, Russel Wilson might decide to take some parental leave after the game, brothers Ryan’s will probably become size bigger and the game will finish with a tie.
Two ties one week…? The end is near…

Seahawks to win 14:11

That’s all from me guys. Leave me your picks in the comment section. I’m really curious to see how you guys see the week unfold!


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