Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Diary #7

Since I have realised that the Football Wishing Fairy hadn’t been taking me seriously I can direct my wishes and claims into a space in front of me hoping for them to reach the right recipient that would help the Colts in their quest for another victory.
Yes, many might get excited over last week’s win but in the end it was against the Titans that weren’t playing well. The defence had some nice highlights, Luck was being careful and accurate and I think in the game against the Chiefs it would be good to get more of the same.
Football Wishing Fairy would deal with Kansas City pass rush and made the Chiefs secondary sleepy but one knows that Fairies are lazy and they don’t like to listen to anyone’s wishes.
Donte Moncrief will hopefully make a wonderful return providing Luck with a big body target and driving some attention from Hilton.
On the defence it is going to be a struggle covering Kelce but one man can’t do it all so hopefully other threats will be eliminated for the Colts that should play lights out offensive charge hoping to be one more drive and a score above the Chiefs.
The biggest unknown will come from the coaching den where mysterious decisions will be made but that is fully fairy’s responsibility. So go Colts!


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