I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #33

I know that Skyrim Limited Edition has just been released and I know that I should feel ashamed that I haven’t played the original title on PS3 or XboX 360 but I’m not a Hard Core Gamer so I might finally get to it but in the meantime the usual business had to be continued so the World could rotate peacefully in right direction.

This week some time was taken up by my health issues so my gaming time was reduced although it didn’t really matter as things started moving in right direction very slowly but at least.
Anyways the main offenders this week have been Madden 17, Gems of War and Lords of the Fallen. I mean to go back to Fallout 4 and F1 2016 but somehow I don’t get around these titles.

Madden presented us with the regular stuff plus all the Most Feared extras that got some more extras and eventually I started realising I really haven’t got the time to keep up with all this MUT content.
I mean it’s great that there’s so much to choose from as it gives many options to either the hard core followers or the casuals but for me who is kind of in the middle. I’d like to have some well thought through team as the hard core lot but would like to be involved as casual and with all the content I struggle.

The plus of this solo challenges is that I have gotten a bit better on the defence usering linebackers or safeties and it slowly starts showing in my online league where I actually won another game and was very close to win one more but my receivers were dropping the balls all over the place.
So that’s that. Lords of the Fallen was kicked to the side because of the MUT but I proceeded the story a bit more and challenged and beaten up next Boss and this time I have used my own tactics to do so I’m very hopefully for Skyrim and Dishonored that my controller skills have improved.

The journey with Gems of War has continued and I decided to save up and create my own guild as the one I was part of wasn’t very active.
I have found that I struggle with the quest part of the game and I seem to be escaping it via playing PvP or doing treasure chest challenges.

Other than that I don’t think my gaming this week was really used up fully but it just gets like that. I’m thinking of getting Skyrim and Dishonored this autumn/winter so gaming might become quite a hard task to achieve with so many games I currently enjoy…
Ah First World problems here….
Stay healthy people and keep gaming.


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