NFL Rapid Predictions – Week 8. 

After a Sunday where Adam Vinatieri sets a new NFL record in most consecutive field goals made and then two fairly reliable kickers miss short field goal attempts and their game finishes with a tie I had a right to do terribly and I accomplished that mission.

I was 6-9 in week 7 that gave me total score of 57-50 which is still bearable I guess.
The closest prediction of the week goes to HOU @ DEN where the score was 9-27 and my prediction was 10-23.

And now I really gotta rush with Week Eight picks as due to health related appointments I’m behind myself this week with everything.

Jaguars @ Titans: Another smashing hit in prime time served to people of America by the NFL. Luckily it’s very late here where prime time games occur so I make a very conscious choice which games to give a go. This isn’t one of them even if the world’s end was near…

Titans to win 24-20

Chiefs @ Colts: Ah. I think this game comes down to many little things that will alert the reality of Andrew Luck’s Sunday’s afternoon. Choice of plays, contribution of receivers and their health and some effort from the D and he can rally the Colts to a win.
I expect plenty of mentions of that wild wild card game of 2013 (I think) and many Chiefs passes not to wide receivers.

Chiefs to win 37:34

Redskins @ Bengals: Ah. I don’t know what is going to happen here. I hear Josh Norman suffered concussion and Andy Dalton has been making his fantasy owners happy. So there…

Bengals to win 24:17

Jets @ Browns: Fitz got benched and sulked. Geno started a game against Ravens and injured his knee. Fitz re-entered and somehow lead the Jets to a win…
In Cleveland… Well Indians are in the World Series, Cavaliers got their rings this week and Brown’s have probably the best chance at winning a game this season as the Jets QB drama continues…

Browns to win 19:18

Seahawks @ Saints: After the exhausting OT strange tie game, the Seahawks can be actually quite pleased with their accomplishments.
Saints on the other hand… They do their best while Bress is lights out in his usual fashion. All the yards and touchdown passes he generates are still not enough to be at the top sadly…

Saints to win 27:21

Cardinals @ Panthers: The Cardinals’ fans are probably still angry with their team’s special teams that funded them that long Sunday’s evening boring tie.
The Panthers had a bye and time to reflect on how quickly the game can turn into shadowy corners of some questionable streets in towns like ‘Don’t Remeber it Now” or “Has it Really Happened”? The Super Bowl hangover continues…

Panthers to win 23:17

Patriots @ Bills: Ah the angry Tom Brady is heading to Buffalo to drink some revenge blood for the only loss that Pats suffered this season, and the Bills were the ones doing the beating at Pats’ home.
It’s going to be loud as Rec Ryan lives for a good shout out so fans will be having plenty of fun.

Patriots to win 31:13

Lions @ Texans: Ah. Matthew Stafford is having a great start to the season setting ‘firsts’ in NFL history with the most yards and most comeback wins and most everything one can think of through his 100 game in the league.
Rest of the team is not having as glorious time but still matters appear slightly better than in Houston where the Texans fans are experiencing hangover worth over $70 million of green bucks.

Texans to win 21:16

Raiders @ Buccaneers: This should be an easy walk for hot shot Raiders visiting struggling Buccaneers but life itself loves throwing unexpecting scenarios so it might not be as easy as it looks.
Still despite not being as great as some think Derek Carr should lead the rejuvenating Raiders to well fought win in Tampa Bay.

Raiders to win 31:19

Packers @ Falcons: Many football historians might remember this season as the begginning of an end of gracious Aaron Rodgers supremacy.
Many of them might also be sorely mistaken despite the fact that once, lively and threatening Packers offense, appears to be struggling more than it should and many points at Rodgers.
Falcons in the other hand don’t seem to struggle to score but it isn’t all Matt Ryan’s doing apparently but his wide receivers bailing him out. Nevertheless football is a team sport so….

Falcons to win 41:28

Chargers @ Broncos: It seems like these two teams played not long ago and it is true actually. Will it be the same winner this time? It is hard to say but John Elway must be pleased with himself that his current quarterback hasn’t charged him over $70 millions.
It’s going to be a defensive fight against a man who loves to shout a lot.

Broncos to win 23:16

Eagles @ Cowboys: Ah. Two teams, two rookie quarterbacks, one injured quarterback, one rookie running back who’s having hella of a year, crazy Jerry Jones and his glittery world, the most hated team after the Pats I suppose.
Ah… Defensive unit that beat the unbeaten Vikings. I won’t watch it since it’s NFC battle. Who wins? Who cares?

Cowboys to win 19: 14

Vikings @ Bears: Another classic prime time traditional match up that is bound to bore some people to death. The surprisingly dominant Vikings are up against the not very surprisingly shit Bears.
After the unexpected loss to tired birdies the Vikings are going to use their horns of death as twice often. Windy City… Be prepared…

Vikings to win 24:16

Phew… It is a rather poor week but luckily there’s also World Series going on and NBA and NHL are active too so it must be like a paradise for sports fans…
Ah… Formula 1 is in Mexico too this weekend. So many events so little time.
What are your picks for Week 8 guys?


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