I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #32

It’s been a fairly slow week really as most of the weekday gaming time was spent doing The Journey solos on MUT, playing Madden 17. The other game that would take up some of the weekdays fun was Gems of War on my little android smartphone (not really sure if my handset can be classified as smart but hey I’m not into the fashion much anyway).

I have also edited some of the screenshots taken in Madden as pictured above for the pure fun of messing about with different stuff.
As much annoying the 160 solos of the Journey are in MUT I hope I used them as more practice in ushering linebackers on defence rather than sticking to d linemen.
I’d like to think I got better at that but while I had some good feedback from one of my league games that I won and my D generated plenty of pressure, I had also had a negative feedback when playing one of the better dudes in our league, I was shutout 0-40 and it was just brutal.
Anyways, the Journey is completed, Earl Thomas OVR. 90 in my team, I haven’t had great pulls from the packs but I never really do and I know soon EA will release the Halloween stuff (well, the Halloween stuff dropped on us this Friday’s evening) and I could just play Madden 17 until M 18 is out. Sigh…

Gems of War became my guilty pleasure in times when I’m just too lazy to live and I’ve been playing it quite a bit, still trying to figure out which of the cards are good to use and which suck. I realise there are some combos of troops that can work well together but I still got to figure it all out.
It’s a fun little game and as far as I can see, one can earn anything in game without paying a penny, although those who cough up real dosh gain the advantage of levelibg up, upgrading faster. Still, it don’t bother me that much really, especially that this game is more of a toilet/ trouble sleeping/ train travel time amusement.

Since I paid no attention to Lords of the Fallen during the week days it paid me off during weekend in a big fashion by giving me some slight motion sickness quirks. So I haven’t really progressed much in the story and given I’m somewhere in catacombs that are meant to be a maze I might be there for some time.
Speaking of motion sickness I can bet my savings that when I get to go back to Fallout 4 it’ll take me some time to readjust and the motion sickness will be properly annoying.
Well that’s life. I’m not sure what to expect next week as the kids are off school so all kinds of nonsense can happen at any time.
Stay save and playful readers!


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