Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Diary #5

This picture is right on time as the Colts get their job done mainly using Vinatieri’s leg that kicks the balls through the posts and the dude seems to be getting better and better. He’s few away from the NFL record. I hope he makes it, so Football Wishing Fairy… Don’t interfere there, please.
Get involved with our defense. Tip some balls towards their hands, open a gap for a nasty sack or tackle for a loss at least but please, Football Wishing Fairy, leave Colts special teams alone they usually figure stuff out.
You can get involved with Moncrief’s health Fairy, as Andrew needs a big bodied target at times when TY Hilton really becomes the ghost of himself. Yeah, Fairy… Get some health potions Donte’s way so he’s back quickly.
As for Sunday’s conquest… Well it is hard to say, but hopefully Ty- Luck connection will be there as in the past so the offense keeps chugging along.
Frank Gore hopefully adds some serious yardage to his resume this week when we are in the great situation of bleeding the clock… Hopefully.
Our defense might shake young Osweiler a bit and create some chaos in trenches so our offense doesn’t need to put 100 points on the board…
So there mix some magic dust in there Football Wishing Fairy and please, leave the special teams alone this week!


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