NFL Rapid Predictions – Week 6 is just around…

I’m just hanging around half of empty glass. The glass could be half filled but let’s stick with the empty.
There definitely were some suprises this week so my score for WEEK FIVE is: 7-7 So far I’m at 40-37 so still ahead but I’d like to do better.

The closest game: There were two that I think I can claim… SD@OAK (31:34) while I saw the score to be 26:34, so that’s not bad I think. The other game being NYG@GB (16:23) and my prediction stood at 21:24 so still, quite reasonable, I think.

And now it is time to reveal the so much anticipated Week SIX predictions that might break some hearts.

Broncos @ Chargers: There shouldn’t be any surprises here so of course one should expect some. After surprising beating at home the Broncos should charge very hard at the Chargers. Divisional rivalry with plenty of sunshine everywhere.

Chargers to win 20:16

Browns @ Titans: Oh goodness! The fans of Tennessee are hoping for a win. Cleveland people are also hoping for a win. People not interested in this particular game are hoping for any win. Truth to be told, the Titans woke up recently and should be ready to rumble and crumble the so desperate and depressing Browns.

Titans to win 27:19

Eagles @ Redskins: The jolly times in Philadelphia came to a drastic stop in Detroit where the Lions marched through most of the game with ease just to try to throw the win away at the end. Bleak clouds gathered above Philadelphia and this week these clouds will travel to jolly Washington that is still looking for their lost identity.

Redskins to win 28:24

Jaguars @ Bears: The last time the Jaguars played, they were in London fighting for their first win which they got in the end. Now, in Windy City the Jaguars will look at capitalising and exploiting the Bears and getting a winning streak which could end up being their longest this season.
As for the Bears… Everyone interested would like to see Cutler’s thumb in action. They really would.

Bears to win 31: 22

Panthers @ Saints: The Panthers are on some poorly constructed tour of mediocre which at one point must have looked like a trip around the neighbourhood to collect due bounty. Well it appears that the neighbours have been collecting goods from the beaten up kittens led by either concussed fella or some dude not many heard of.
At least the home team has the crowd behind there backs but it looks dimmer and dimmer by the hour.

Saints to win 31:24

Steelers @ Dolphins: This is going to be a standard business trip that Pittsburgh people take coz they have to. Deal will be signed and so will the cheques.
On the other side, the very big and very overpaid D line will be making a point to people around stating that one does not overpay for defensive players, especially that the offense is kind of lifeless.

Steelers to win 44:22

Bengals @ Patriots: This game looked good on paper few months ago. Now it looks like an average team is going to get whooped by a much much superior one and there shouldn’t be any surprises, especially since The Angry Brady came back to suck blood full of revenge out of his rivals.

Patriots to win 33:17

49ers @ Bills: The fans want their hero but the coach has no set plans for the future except trying to win a ball game here. This might have to wait as the Bills caught the wind under their rhetorical wings and are on the winning streak that’s gone past the number 2. Plenty of shouting expected.

Bills to win 21:12

Ravens @ Giants: The start looked wonderful for the Ravens but two recent losses cut this team’s momentum in more than half. Two tough home losses are bound to be hard to overcome on the road, especially when OBJ has a very troubled relationship with the kicking net and the always blood hungry media. This game might not be children friendly so please be ready parents…

Giants to win 26:17

Rams @ Lions: The Rams looked really good until they met the Bills at home last Sunday. Some questionable fuck ups near goal line resulted in quite a different look than what it could be…
Detroit finally got going after three losses in a row and they might have just enough poise to try to muster another win here. It’s not going to be easy. Or pretty…

Lions to win 23:21

Chiefs @ Raiders: The Raiders are the real deal this season and there’s no stopping them. If it’s not Crabtree then it is Amaro if it’s not him then someone else steps in. The scenario should play out well, as the quiet Kansas City are trying to find the missing pieces that would allow them to get going finally.

Raiders to win 34:31

Falcons @ Seahawks: This is the early test, the rehearsal. If the Falcons pass it, there might not be any stopping it at all. They gave the reigning champs a lesson and now they gather their energy to see what former champs have to say about them.
The Hawks are up for a busy evening but they cherish the challenge so they’ll be ready to give the fans the show they deserve. Get ready!

Seahawks to win 19:16

Cowboys @ Packers: Dak Prescott is still interceptionless in his short NFL career and the Cowboys are 4-1 while their rusty looking star, Romo, still recovers from the fun he had had.
The Packers are led by one of the best at quarterbacking but we might be witnesses of something truly magical here. Kind of passing the torch or student teaches the master type of a story.
Yup. It is that real…

Packers to win 34:23

Colts @ Texans: This is a must game for both teams but with a bit of more expected from the so inconsistent and uncomfortable looking Colts. Osweiler have played poorly recently but he’s bound to have a breakout game against the Colts confused defence.

Texans to win 28:25

Jets @ Cardinals: The week ends on a very sad note of two teams that are kind of nowhere to be seen. The Jets had some hopes of competing but Fitzpatrick killed every single one of them early in the season with the so many picks thrown everywhere.
Cardinals were meant to rock and roll but so far they have been rolling down the hill with the occasional bump up the bushes. Still early in the season but it seems it is so late…

Cardinals to win 28:21

And this will have to do for this week. The season is taking some peculiar shapes and some teams are luckier than others but there’s still plenty of unknowns even though it seems like there isn’t really.
Take care chumps!


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