Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Diary #4

Nope. You are not mistaken. The picture above is the live feed from Lucas Oil, where the Bears are playing Colts. The feed comes from future and it describes the Colts situation very well.

You let me down again Football Wishing Fairy! Your cruelty knows no boundaries…
The show must go on though as the song goes and we must endure another Sunday when it simply might be too much. So, Fairy… Perhaps this week please make sure that each practice is used up to its fullest and that once Sunday comes, the guys actually know what they supposed to do and that they remain focused on the job.

If you can Fairy, also pop into coach Pagano head and tell him to try something different this week, perhaps starting up tempo as the up tempo usually works for them but the most important thing this week must be execution from the very first snap. No more drops, no more miscues, no more sloppiness. There’s still plenty of football but this team must finally start producing on the field.

Another tiny thing… Football Wishing Fairy… Turn Andrew’s aggression by a small notch or two. That fourth down drop by Allen was just too much to bear especially that Luck was just a step or two away from getting it done with his feet. I know! I know! Looking after yourself…
But why bother looking after yourself and playing safe when the result is a big fat L?

Signed by: Colts Fan.


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