I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #30

So here. Another week has sneakily passed us by. Cheeky!
Damn EA finally put better prizes for the solos in the October Gauntlet so I had to complete it. I just had to. The best reward from 6 Pro Packs, 6 All- Pro Packs and 3 Legends pack wasn’t some great combo of elite players. No. Twas FO card of dude name I don’t remember now. The gauntlet also awarded 3 elite packs giving me one elite player each and completing all gauntlet resulted in 89 ovr Peppers. Not bad but still, damn EA, made me play MUT even more lol

I have also finally beaten the darn 49ers solo from week 1 of Ultimate Season and ticked off week 5 too. Since the rewards have been better and I earned more coins, some of that went onto completing the hero sets and my team has finally reached 85 ovr. I think I should try some H2H events, especially that rewards got better with a tiny con of tickets cost which returns itself back in the end.

There were also HPL League games but I’m doing really poorly and it is down to lack of practice playing ‘real’ games as opposed to these MUT cheesey solos.
Anyways… I have also popped in F1 2016 and Lords of The Fallen.

With F1 2016 I finally decided to run a full weekend sim and get a grasp of the game finally and with Lords of The Fallen it was a matter of being nosey and wanting to know what’s the freebie from PS Plus is like. Unfortunately I quickly realised that I am not a hard core gamer as I seem to have got stuck with the first bigger creature fight so… Early days with both these games and I can’t promise sticking with either titles but just Madden day in and day out started getting a bit too much.

As far as F1 is concerned I think I’d like to get in a groove of at least preparing some car set ups as well as doing some one off racing without bothering with career.
Lords of the Fallen might cut into my Fallout 4 slot to some degree unless I won’t manage to get through this annoying boss fights.

I am not the biggest 3rd person view games and I find the controls slightly clumsy and very ‘heavy’ and the first boss fight sent me to the net to find some tips and the second was pretty much the same. I tried and failed and this occurred few times until too many swear words started leaving my mouth and I ended up on the net searching for clues… Ah the gaming struggles. Not to mention that I ‘committed’ most of my Fallout spot trying to figure out how to defeat that bugger…


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