I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #29

And another slow week in my little kingdom of not hard core gaming. Quite a different though as I spent a good chunk of weekday gaming time messing about with train simulators of all sorts; starting from Train Simulator 2016, going through Maszyna 16.08 and ending somewhat on MSTS that I got going using Open Rail free simulator available online.
My son’s desire to drive the current stock on our local route drove me to finding dusted MSTS and some add ons CD’s as TS 2016 offering was a bit pricey. Since MSTS wouldn’t work on our Windows 10 I got help from Open Rail simulator. And of course there’s plenty of nodding involved, in my case just following tutorials. In the end I got what was needed, except the current livery which I’d need to make myself which I doubt I will do as it’d be an overkill really.

Anyways. Rest of my time that wasn’t committed to trains got spent competitively playing Madden 17 and lonely playing Fallout 4.
Madden 17 was the usual Draft Champions mode mixed up with some solos inside of MUT and my league games, which I nearly gave up on due to some horrendous lag which I think I now got on top of.
I finally led my team to a sweet win 30-14 and I also nearly had a magic comeback from 21-0 but came out short with the game ending 34-27.
Online experience can be frustrating as due to lag the new kicking mechanisms mean that there will be plenty of missed kicks. Not much I can do about that unfortunately. I’m still without my own franchise, somehow I can’t get it set up and I wonder if I ever actually do that. Time will tell.

And as far as Fallout is concerned it was a week to forget really. I completed 2 out 3 Nuka quests outside of the park in the Wastelands and ended up nearby the Vault 88 so I popped in there as I am still not finished there with the introductionary quest and given the large amount of vicious enemies, I might end up getting stuck there for a long while, unless I decide to leave V88 in this half finished state until I’m more committed to getting through the game itself as recently it’s been a bit of a struggle to get going.
The summer’s gaming laziness seems to be dragging a bit too much this year. Perhaps I’ve got that little bit older…

And that’s all what there is to it really. A week that hasn’t really resulted in things to finish the way they have but hey, there’s another week ahead of us and there is always hope at the end of it. Stay well folks!


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