Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Diary #3

Finally things have come together and the Colts have pieced a win together although there were moments when I wondered why is the madness and confusion allowed. I slowly come to realisation that the team is poorly coached. I do like Pagano but I finally realise he’s just not the guy.

Anyway, back to you Football Wishing Fairy. The best thing you could have given me this week would be some tickets for the game as it’s very close to my place but I understand that these things cost like a lot of money so I’ll be stuck at home watching from my semi usual spot.
Since the tickets were not an option I think, a juicy win would be the second best thing for me as a Colts fan. And I mean a proper smashout for the last season’s embarrassment.
Other than that, just safe journey for all involved and plenty more of fun.
From a more technical- football standpoint of view I’d like to know that the coaches are not trying the same methods and expect different results but that simply they try different ways but simply are struggling to find the working mixture or they just did it and from now on the Luck- Colts dominance era can begin…
I’m pleased with you work Football Wishing Fairy as seeing Davis and Anderson back was great and they improved the shaky defence, especially Anderson was visible. More of that.
That winning game touchdown Luck- Hilton performance. Please more of that, some air yards and then run after catch mileage as Colts receivers do get tackled to easily.
Adam’s streak to be continued please but I’ll be ok if he only needs to bother with PAT’s.
Ah, get Gore that 100 yards game as he doesn’t deserve such a long streak of games without breaking the 100.
And let’s leave the rest in Andrew’s arm and head for at least 120 PR, really. Anything else is going to be an icing on the cake Football Wishing Fairy. Stay healthy!


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