NFL Rapid Predictions – Fourth Week kind of abroad

Ah. I’m kind of stuck at around the 50% Mark with my crystal glass guessing. Well, I’m no expert at this NFL stuff. Just a fan that is a tad too excited over some things. Unfortunately, despite being huge Andrew Luck and Colts supporter I will be watching their early game on Sunday morning (if you live in the States) from home as the ticket prices were a bit too much for the size of my wallet. Sad but true. Most true stories are sad because they are true… Life, eh?

Anyways, here are the Week 3 predictions for those interested. As one can see, not great but not tragic either really.

Score for WEEK THREE 8-8

Score overall 25-23

Closest game Well, I wasn’t far off in SD@ IND 22:26 game as my prediction really took two points away from the Chargers and gave it to the Colts for my predicted score 20:28. I think I’ll celebrate now.

For the week 4 I am attempting to do better than in previous weeks aiming at at least 10 correct scores. Let’s see what that is going to look like.

Dolphins @ Bengals: For the Thursday Rush winner in uniforms is going to be have to be a tie as both are ugly as hell. For the actual teams the advantage sits with the home team. Yes, the Bengals lost to Broncos on their own turf but despite the inexperienced rookie quarterback, they are still the defending title champs.
Miami has played poorly, Tannenhill isn’t really setting the world alight or anything and they narrowly escaped a loss to Browns. So… It’s bad there in Miami and Cindy at least has a rusher that’s putting somewhat ok numbers so home team it is.
I won’t watch that anyway.

Bengals to win 18:13

Colts @ Jaguars: Well the @ is kind of fluid. It depends which team will have more fans in London. This is the game that many had the Colts choking at but since they have choked most of their 2016 season it is hard to say whether they can manage any more.
Luck looks mortal and lacking ideas in how to spruce up the teams effectivness (although the red zone looks much improved), Gore nearly ended up with 100 rush yards until someone decided it was a bad idea to have a running game… At least couple of defensive key players are back and the D faces struggling Bortles and Jaguars offense. On paper it looks promising for Colts but what if the young and newly assembled Jaguars defence finally wakes up???

Colts to win 34:24

Browns @ Redskins: I am not sure I know who will be the Browns quarterback given the craziness of Terrell Pryor being a first guy since like ever to throw for so many yards and to receive and rush for another amount too. I reckon Cleveland is just going to roll with the show as long as people have fun.
Redskins have got to win this game after gathering momentum by winning one against the Giants. It will be a game I won’t bother to watch it or even look for storylines as the Beckham- Norman II was a disappointment. Beckham vs kicking net though…

Redskins to win 27:10

Panthers @ Falcons: Ah. Panthers have the thing for high priority games this season. After dropping a huge one against the Vikings who forced Newton into three interception, the mighty MVP and his mates don’t look so rosey really.
After MNF Falcon’s win in New Orleans things look quite exciting as both teams sit at 1-2 and it’d be huge for Carolina to lose. That might be a clutch grind.

Panthers to win 22:21

Raiders @ Ravens: I’m liking this one very much to have an afternoon watch after the Colts’ game. Raiders’ young offence has been ticking nicely, it’s the defense that seems to struggle here not supporting Carr’s and co. efforts.
Ravens on the other hand are still 3-0 and they seem to do it well in all parts of games, keeping opponents scores low for Flacco and Smith Sr. to puffingly finish off the differences. Might be a slug fest might be a feast.

Ravens to win 24:21

Bills @ Patriots: Oh dear. Rex Ryan supported by Taylor and limping Watkins are headed to Foxborough. The clash of the evil forces is due with Ryan and Belchick done their due in, in secret locations of the team’s sacrificial altars…
Yes… It can be anyone, anywhere at anytime with Belchick as the recent history shows and no matter how much foam escapes Rex’s mouth it won’t change what already has been carved in the stone, centuries ago…

Patriots to win 9-35

Titans @ Texans:Ah! This one will interest me a tiny bit as it’s the AFC South showdown for dominance. The Titans got handed well by an expressive Raider’s offence at home and Texans got ‘ Belchicked’ last Thursday night that showed the reason why John Elway might smile after not signing Brock Osweiler to huge contract. Dude needs to impress more for the Texans to count.

Texans to win 14:7

Seahawks @ Jets: I’m not 100% sure that we’ll see the starting stars quarterbacks of both teams. Wilson is nursing some ankle injury and he skipped part of last game, although the Hawks whooped the 49ers so badly he could have had possibly had a rest day.
On Jets side… Well Ryan Fitzpatrick scored the lowest grade ever given to a quarterback by PFF dudes. He tossed 6 picks I think and it seems so sad that after such a decent season he had last year he is in a very dark place. Really dark.

Seahawks to win 26:11

Lions @ Bears: Ah. Stafford vs Hoyer just doesn’t get the juices running for me. But neither would Stafford vs Cutler so… Oh I really don’t know. I just realised Colts will play against the Bears and that might be a game of misery.
Anyway, Lions vs Packers might have had been a classic one some time ago but recently both teams have been too average to get excited over their lovely meet up.

Lions to win 19:16

Broncos @ Buccaneers:This is an interesting match up. No one expected the Broncos to be able to put points on the board but they do and no one expected the Buccaneers to suck so much, especially Winston. Perhaps lack of Doug Martin puts too much pressure on Winston- Evans chemistry and the naughty pirates are yet to catch a good wind in their sails.
I know I’ll take the Broncos D here and trust enough their offense led by 7th round pick to get enough points to get another win

Broncos to win 21:15

Cowboys @ 49ers:Oh gosh. This could be a dark horse this week. The 49ers play a team that isn’t yet announced play off bound, like the Seahawks for example, and maybe here we will see a bit of repeat from their opener.
On the other side, the Giants could have been 3-0 and their rookies are rolling hard and hot these days so one never knows really.

49ers to win 23:17

Rams @ Cardinals:It’s a bit confusing down there in LA but it’s ‘good’ confusing really as the Rams are pushing through despite Gurley’s struggles to keep up his rookie performance in second season. If it wasn’t for this strange opening week loss to the 49ers the Rams would be undefeated.
On the other side of the river one sees struggling Carson Palmer whose effectivness and production really dropped by a lot in comparison to last season and it shows with the Cardinals sitting ugly at 1-2.

Cardinals to win 34-27

Saints @ Chargers:I would expect this match up to be a great air assault but things are weird in 2016 so I’m not sure what one will get here. The Saints are in a desperate need of a win as they are 0-3 and according to some stats none of 49 teams in last 10 seasons that started a season 0-3 made play offs.
The home team will look to bounce back up from a rather disappointing loss last week. It looked like Chargers had Colts by their throat and it then fell apart. Sports.

Saints to win 41:30

Chiefs @ Steelers:That it is going to be a fun to watch game. Both teams are 2-1 both know the price of this conference game and both realise they might meet again in January.
The Chiefs look good, beside that strange loss to the Texans. Kelce- Smith duo are fairly effective and the defense is alive.
The Steelers got beat by a suddenly raising start in Philadelphia by the name of Wentz. The rookie quarterback is the hot topic but he is no Big Ben, who sadly is Getty ng through some slump in production. Home fans will hope to see some anger and aggression here.

Steelers to win 27:11

Giants @ Vikings:This is going to be a show of a defense against an offense. The Giants will provide some attacking while Vikings will be protecting the home court. Eli and OBJ with supporting cast might really struggle to move the ball while the Vikings won’t manage to progress much on the offense and it’ll be down to the defence and special teams to carry the momentum. Or perhaps to even get it going.

Vikings to win 18:14

Phew. I’m done for now. I can go and hide while the universe work its own thing. Who do you have as favourites and who’s bound to get a fat L This week?
Drop me a comment or two peeps.


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