I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #28

Another week is coming to an end and there’s been x amount of activities going on around the world. Some of the action came from my household and some of it was related to gaming. Yay! There was some fiddling with OpenBVE, an open source train simulator, as my son is, safe to say, pleasantly obsessed with trains. I had to find some London Underground routes for him to drive around as well as some rolling stock. 

There was always some digital card collecting entertainment provided by NFL 17 Huddle and GridIron apps. The Huddle one sometimes crashes and refreshes very slowly but at least you ‘get to play’ your cards on the game day. As far as console gaming is concerned there was more of Madden 17 and Fallout 4 on the menu.

EA, came out with the rush uniforms and also included them in MUT so it meant more solos and more collectibles needed to get new shiny things. Since I dig the Colts rush uniform I kind of made sure to do all the daily solos to collect needed items and after buying couple more collectibles and few days of playing the solos I finally got the uni but the Madden Fever carried on.

 Since I had nearly 20 tickets for entering either Draft Champions or Salary Cap ranked modes I decided to spent the tickets as at the end of the day I was guaranteed at least a pro pack. Thanks to two people quitting on me and some perseverance I actually managed to string together 6 wins without two losses and reached the top rewards for it. Since it all happened on Friday evening I also grabbed myself some FND badges. That was cool.

The uncool face of Madden was the connectivity and ridiculous lag which nearly made me quite the HPL League as my last game was pretty much unplayable for 3/4 of it but I soldiered on and finished it and my team is 0-4 so far. Yeah. I suck and I know it well.

I am yet to start my own CFM but I can’t get organised to get going on my own against the AI. And that has been most of the gaming time this week really. Once the weekend arrived I finally managed to switch off and jump into the Fallout 4 world.

Bertha’s escapades across the Commonwealth have stalled recently by quite a lot. She has left the Nuka World to help out the amysment park’s factions in completing some random tasks. One of them involve collaring a poor soul in GoodNeighbor but her charisma level might be preventing a successful accomplishment of said quest.

So there, Bertha life got quite complex and busy and the fact I’m not good at fighting it gets even harder at times. One of the encounter with Super Mutants took me an hour that involved few re runs as I kept on dying. Due to the location of one of the randez vous I was able to pop in to Vault 88 just to see how things are there and I realised I’m still yet to fully complete the introductory quests relating to the vault. I was welcomed by bunch of hungry and angry folks as simply I hadn’t thought about making the Vault 88 a nice and an organised place.

And that was it really. I’m yet to do many quests involving a re run of the mechanist with Bertha and a proper look at Far Harbor as I never ventured there. As far as Fallout 4 is concerned I can see myself still playing it in 2017 with the current time commitment. It’s not an end of the world though.

Next week I’m hoping to finally got my own CFM going on Madden 17 and use it to learn to switch my usering onto linebackers to improve my skills. I will also continue with Fallout 4, my card collecting apps and perhaps some trains with my son on our exhausted PC.

What games keep you going nowadays folks? Leave me some comments to get the discussion going. Until next read!


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