Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Diary #2

Photograph by Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports; captures Andrew Luck leaving the tunnel.

Hey. It seems you haven’t bothered paying attention to me you wicked football wishing fairy. Plus I suspect you also played a trick or two on me injuring one of my favourite dark horses Donte Moncrief. With him gone for few weeks, Luck will miss a big bodied receiver to compliment Allen and Doyle’s efforts.

Ah…. At least there is a tiny spark of hope breaking through the black thick cloud of desperation. I hear Anderson and Davis might be back to starting line up to bolster the worst defence in the NFL, although given the fact there is so many people basically off the street one must give them some credit…

Anyways. Week 3 wishes. I would like Hilton and Dorsett do their 115% of their best to get open and do it from the go as I think it might help Andrew settle down and go back to week 1 performance letting us forget the awful week 2 lack of passes that were on target both in vertical and horizontal line. I’m not sure what the business was going on there with Luck but he looked everything but comfortable and assuring. It was a mess. The interception wasn’t that bad and neither the fumble when it comes down to Andrew alone but still. It killed any hopes…

Next agenda… Please make sure that offensive line coach does some work with the o-line and identifies the biggest threats on the Chargers front seven. Andrew can’t be sacked 5 times again… Carry on establishing the run but don’t push it like mad. Mix it up a bit with formations.

The defence… I dunno…. I really don’t. It’s like watching a show where one wait for a disaster to happen to laugh or be shocked but neither applies to the Colts fans. I miss Freeman but hey, he’s goner. Gotta do something with what they have and let’s hope that you, football wishing fairy, make sure Vontea Davis is back in secondary taking care of half of the field and Henry Anderson is down there in trenches, stopping the run and the painful bleeding.

Yes I’d like that and a huge blow out win as the cherry on the top of the cake that I hope, won’t taste anything like the last one we had to chew on, last season.

Thank you, Football Wishing Fairy!


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