Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Diary #1

Andrew Luck audibles during a game against the Broncos. Photo: Joe Robbins

I think I could speak on behalf many Colts’ fans but since speaking on behalf anyone is the best way to get yourself into some crazy stuff I’ll just speak for myself (knowing there’ll be plenty of virtual head nods as I go along).
So hear me out football wishing fairy! I want Andrew Luck to be as decesive, accurate and aware in managing the pocket as he was in Colts’ last game. The thing is fairy, I would like Luck to be like that from the first drive not from the fifth or sixth. It is a real joy seeing him dropping such accurate passes of over 50 yards like he did to Dorsset. It is a joy to watch and it sooths our hearts after the misery of last season we have had.

If I may I would also appreciate you sprinkling some fairy dust over coach Pagano’s head to stop him from dropping bombs like he did last time by calling this unfortunate overtime that left the so painful 37 seconds on Detroit’s hands that was enough to make my heart bleed (and it was the happy blue bleeding I’m talking about).

Other than that Wishing Fairy of all football things make sure there is no serious injuries and that this week’s coming games are blast to watch.

Signed by one colts fan here in the UK.


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