NFL Rapid Predictions – The week after the eruption of a kickoff joy.

So my predictions from week 1 came out the way they did and there isn’t much I can do about the score now really. It wasn’t all that bad actually as I got more right than wrong plus in couple of occassions I was just marginally off the score but still I’d not break a bank with my ‘into the future thinking’. There were some great games to enjoy and it promises to be exciting Autumn, despite my Colts losing at home…
The score for week ONE is: 9-7

The closest predictions were: 

Bears @ Teaxans (14:23 final score to mine 14:24); I also predicted that Jets and Bengals would combine for 45 points (I had Jets winning at 24:21) which they did but wrong team won and scores were slightly different (Bengals won 23:22). And now we can shift our focus on the coming second week so let’s start firing up.


Jets @ Bills: After the ugly defeat that the Jets were handed by Nugent, Bengals’ kicker, it is going to be another close one for New York unless the offense wakes up a bit as week’s 1 receiving leader turned out to be Matt Forte, who also was the team leading rushing.

Ryan brothers have to deal with low scoring loss in Baltimore. There were some positives that the Bills can take from last game; lack of turnovers and steady, although not very productive arm of Tyrod Taylor. It is going to be another defensive slug fest in brand new Rush uniforms and the ones commiting less mistakes should be victorious.

Bills to win 16:10 

49ers @ Panthers: Oh boy! Yes, the 49ers shutout the Rams in the opener and even scored 28 points but I can’t think of a single player that could make a difference in this match up and it is as ugly as it gets as San Francisco visit Carolina Panthers and their heavily bruised egos.

Newton- led Panthers won’t have a much choice other than play an angry, full of pain football to release all the bad vibes they gathered when they came out short against a team led by some 7th round quarterback out of…yeah… Well, Denver’s defense was there in the Panthers’ faces, ribs, necks and wherever they could reach as the referees slept a bit from time to time during that game. Yup, 49ers gonna get punched. Big time.

Panthers to win 35-7 

Bengals @ Steelers: That’s an important one here with plenty of storylines, traditions and setting early expectations. By escaping a road game loss in dying seconds of the game against the Jets, the Bengals gave themselves an early Xmas pressie and they hope to carry on the good vibes going especially with A.J. Green grabbing nearly half (180) of Dalton’s passing yards (366).

On the other side they have a hard offense to deal with though, as Big Ben despite dropping a pick on a second drive against the Redskins, managed to settle down and found Antonio Brown 8 times for total 126 yards and two scores. Add another 143 yards and two scores via ground delivery through Williams and you have a great reason to believe in whatever you want.

Steelers to win 38:27 

Chiefs @ Texans: This match up is really promising. Both teams won their first games, both have play off aspirations, both faced each other in last season’s play off game which could create ‘Texans on the revenge trip’ type of a story line.

I don’t really know how Chiefs won their last game as at one point they were 21-3 down and I stopped following the score but it shows a team with character and poise. I don’t really know what happened in Texans’ game as I wasn’t very interested in the outcome or the game itself.

But looking at both teams’ rosters I think I’d have to side with the Texans especially that they play at home. Brock Osweiler is still unknown quantity for me so…

Chiefs to win 21:17

Titans @ Lions: Here’s  another game that I won’t be watching as both teams present little excitement value for me. The Titans have Mariota and Murray, a combination that might work very well once they have more reps together, but the Lions are coming from a huge road victory that kind of has been and hasn’t been deserved.

The Lions had Colts 21-3 before stalling and narrowly escaped with last minute comeback win by the Colts. I doubt the Lions’ running game will have so much freedom forcing Stafford to air out more frequently that might cause some exciting turnovers. The Lions will have a home crowd behind them though.

Lions to win 31:14

Ravens @ Browns: Oh dear. Hm… RG The Third has been placed on injury reserve that allows the city of Cleveland continue its tradition of destroying any potential long term quarterbacks’ dreams he might have. The thing is RG The Third played like erm… third string qb anyway in Browns opener so it’s hard to see how his injury might impact the team’s chances…

On the other side of the turf we have the Ravens that still have the walking mystery Joe Flacco who has had his job in Baltimore for a while. Rest of the team is quite an unknown quantity for me though but I can’t see the Ravens struggling here at all.

Ravens to win 24:10

Saints @ Giants: I really don’t know how significant C. J. Spiller was in the Saints plans but I do know that last time these two teams met in the Superdome it was a good lesson for young football prospects in how not to play the defensive side of the ball as Brees and Manning combined for 13 TD in that game where the Saint won by three points.

This year’s a bit different though but there still is Beckham Jr supported by Cruz one the Giants side and Cooks supported by the star of last week’s game Snead on the Giants side. Not to mention the quarterbacks… An NFL record perhaps? I don’t mind…

Giants to win 44:36

Dolphins @ Patriots: Yet  another game I won’t be watching for sure. Still the show must go on and it will go, especially that the Pats decided to win a game against the Cardinals without Brady or Gronk which shattered some tv screens somewhere in the wilderness.

Dolphins, had an ugly game against the Seahawks and it doesn’t bode well for them to be visiting New England at all, with their offense totalling 250 yards against the Seahawks in a game that appeared to be a great sleeping aid. It’s going to be ugly really…

Patriots to win 27:9

Cowboys @ Redskins: Ah there is not much interesting here for me either. Never liked the Cowboys and the Redskins were fun to watch like once a year. As I mentioned over and over again, the NFC is just not my conference and that’s it.

Regardless there is a game that must ‘ve played and there are two teams that will battle for the big W. It might turn out to be fun due to two rookies on Cowboys starting line up- Prescott and Elliot but whether it’ll be enough to see off some vets who had a rather poor game in week 1…? Time will tell.

Redskins to win 26:19

Buccaneers @ Cardinals: If it was week 1 game I’d probably give the W to the Cardinals without much thinking but after the Buccaneers whooped Falcons at home and the Pats shaken up Arizona’s confidence it is hard to say what is going to happen.

All I can say about this match up is the offenses will be airing it all out as that suits Palmers’ arm and Winston didn’t shy away last week grabbing himself four passing touchdowns. It might really come down to the defendes forcinh key turnovers really…

Cardinals to win 31:25

Seahawks @ Rams:  Oh dear. I mean Rams are about to lose here big time but there is always a but here or there…

The Seahawks had an ugly game against the Dolphins and I’m not sure they deserved to win in first place. I mean there’s only so many times that Wilson can scramble and ‘luck into’ one of the crazy passes and this season might show some flaws in all of it.

Despite having a dominant defensive front, the Rams really lack on the field offensive side of the field and the former number 1 pick of 2016 draft is yet to start a game. Perhaps this is the time to leave Keenum out of starting line up and give Goff a green light that might also spark some Gurley action. Other than that I can’t see much further.

Seahawks to win 13:6  

Falcons @ Raiders: This is going to be a fun game to watch I reckon, sadly I won’t be stuck to the screen as there’s one better game to see in week 2 that is occuring at the same time.

The Falcons got stung badly by a divisional foe at home and the smell of blood is still in the air. Atlanta has a great chance if Jones wakes up from the off season winter as Ryan can still sling it around but I’m not sure that this will be enough as the Raiders showed us some real guts in the first week bail butting win over the Saints. It might be Carr and Amaro’s to lose really, especially with the hungry Raiders’ defence.

Raiders to win 37:26

Jaguars @ Chargers: Oh I don’t really know about this one. Jaguars held onto the Packers fairly well in their opener despise awful running game and a bit spotty offense but will Bortles be able to out duel Rivers at home? Doubtful but never say never especially that the Jaguars’ defence can only get better with each rep they get under the belt.

Chargers have already been blown to smacks to their faces. First in giving a sure win away week ago when they led 21-3 and losing Allen for the season with a nasty, season ending ACL injury.

Chargers to win 27:24 

Colts @ Broncos: There won’t be any more of Manning vs Luck storyline but perhaps the first post Manning Denver- Indianapolis game create its own storyline? As long as it is not ‘Luck runs for his live from Von Miller and co.’ I’ll be sleeping peacefully.

Colts have themselves to blame for giving up a win at home against the Lions. Slow starts, unnecessary timeouts and injuries among the defence can be impossible to overcome but the Colts still have a fighting chance as long as they eliminate things they can control like starts or clock management.

Denver’s defence will be in Luck’s face but after demolishing his kidney in the teams last meet up Luck will be accustomed to things. It might be the case of Colts’ defense trying to make it hard for Siemien and learning to tackle properly…

Broncos to win 24:21

Packers @ Vikings: This game had loads to offer before Teddy’s injury in the preseason. Now it’s a bit less but given how the Viking defence went onto offence in last week’s game this match up has still plenty of potential.

I don’t know if we’ll see Sam Bradford here but Aaron Rodgers and his dancing moves will be on full display in the brand new Vikings stadium. The Packers still look like they need to mesh together and given their leaky defense and Adrian Peterson rushing it might be a close one. Closer than anyone think.

Packers to win 17:13

Eagles @ Bears: Monday Night match up won’t keep me awake as the teams have not sparked a lot of interest in my tiny NFL heart. There’s going to be loads of hype around Wentz since he played a solid game against the Browns fans will be expecting to see more craftsmanship from a rookie who hope to lead the Eagles to another win.

On Chicago’s side we will still have Jay Cutler airing it out, the problem is we are not sure which one is going to show up to the game. The Bears’ fans hope for the effective one as starting the season 0-2 wouldn’t be a great statement filling the fans with confidence.

Eagles to win 17:14

Phew….We have had the hottest day in September in the history of the UK here and pouring out the words have been quite a lot of sweat but I managed. I hope for less sweat next week and for my Colts to win. Share your predictions with me in the comments section!


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