I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #26

It wasn’t a high gaming profile week as I thought it’d had been. I think I’m still sluggish due to the summer’s lack of character and the heat that makes things very slow. I have barely touched F1 2016 even though I really fancied a race or two at night but somehow I’d get stuck discovering digital card collecting apps NFL Huddle and Panini GridIron. I’m still to make my mind about it all but I think I’ve got a thing for card collecting. Haha.

Console gaming was limited to two titles: Madden 17 and Fallout 4 and it basically has been a continuation of state of the matters that were left last week. In M17 my main focus was to complete MUT17 solos and challenges and I have completed most of it. I don’t think I’ll ever try completing the over 500 team specific games and that fact combined with ticking off boxes on rest of the solos made me venture online to H2H but things haven’t changed much. 

Stadiums in M17 can be breath taking.

There is loads of game abuse techniques going on as players want to get that W no matter what and it is off putting. I’ve also noticed very little patience in those who don’t have things going the way they anticipate. I had a dude quitting on me as I was up 7-0 and I had just intercepted him. We were in first half but he decided there was no point carrying on. Other dude was even better as he quit after I picked him in first quarter with game tied up at 0-0. I can understand blow out quitting when an opponent really dominates you but in close games… Well that’s the nature of online sports I guess…

Touchdown baby!

Hence solitary gaming is at times the greatest compromise when one escapes the reality. Luckily Fallout 4 allows me to deal with only artificial humans(?) and the best bit is that I can kill them if they annoy me. My last save saw me struggle to get through the Nuka- World gauntlet. I had a save there towards the end and it was finally time to see how I fare with what was ahead of me.
And ahead of me was Overboss Colter in his stupid power admit hooked up to some electric grid. Luckily I had the squirt gun and I also removed fusion core from one of the generators and it lowered the power output to his fancy armor.

Hey dude. Just let me out already so I can show you how it’s done!

It took me four attempts I think and I finally ‘lucked in’ and managed to get 3/4 of his health with my initial attack, critical hits that I had saved and some time slowing chems. I was a bit shocked to see myself succeed but hey I’m not going to complain. Next thing that I’m getting through, and I will be spending some time on it, will be completing the Nuka World quests and collecting trophies by which time I should be ready for Far Harbor as I haven’t gotten there yet with Bertha; I must not forget about Vault 88 that I had kind of abandoned some part in. Too many things to do in Fallout and too many deaths for me on survival difficulty. Happy gaming everyone!

Dream of every human. A visit to the famous Nuka- World!!!


One thought on “I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #26

  1. That’s a pretty solid method to alternate between two games during the week. I try to get roughly 18-20 hours playing a week. But that’s when I don’t have anything going on that week. Those days of long gaming sessions are gone for me.


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