NFL Rapid Predictions – Opening Week.

Hey! It really isn’t long now until our eyes will be filled with flashing pictures of athletes flashing their skills and our ears will be occupied by plenty of groaning and thumping noises. Our souls will be like these were bathed in soothing lotion that took the scares away from months and months of waiting….
One of my regular item in the coming months should be a prediction column because it could turn out to be fun and at the end of the season I could compare my thouhrs against brutal facts. Let’s get going then.

Week 1 Predictions: 

Panthers @ Broncos: Trevor Siemian’s stat line for his performances in NFL shows a rush attempt resulting in minus one yard. Soon it looks all to gather momentum for him as he’s supposed to start the Broncos defence of their last season’s title.

The opponent? Pretty much the same squad that Broncos defence demolished in the Super Bowl game. Looking it at the paper, the Panthers should be favourites due to little changes within the team as opposed to the Broncos loosing Manning and some important defensive pieces but since the Broncos play at home and their opponent’s tactics well, while the Panthers will deal with a surprise factor it might be topsy- turvy type of a game.

Broncos to win 21:13

Packers @ Jaguars: The Jags were quite aggressive in the off season adding some veteran presence to the flourish group of youth around them. The defence looks to be poised to wreck some havoc in 2016 and the young offense promises some highlights to gasp about.

Problem the Jaguars will face is a big one though; Aaron Rodgers looks to erase bad aftertaste of 2015 and with Jordy Nelson apparently ready to go this game might turn out to be a proper mouth shouting exercise as the offenses rips the defenses to pieces.

Packers to win 42:28 

Vikings @ Titans: Well. Where does one start here? This is going to be one heck of a surprise with unfortunate loss of Teddy Bridgewater and shocking arrival of Sam Bradford who will be looking to remain healthy while handing off to Peterson.

The Titans will look to start well and build upon their 2015 effort. Mariota hopefully will have great second year and will avoid injuries and the team will do its best buy it might not be enough.

Vikings to win 13:10 

Bengals @ Jets: I must admit that I don’t really expect much from this match up as I simply haven’t followed either of the teams closely. Yes, there was the saga between Fitzpatrick and Jets but it’s all settled now and the game is going to be the first one between these two teams since Cincinnati gave the Jets proper bashing in 2013.

Jets to win 24:21

Bills @ Ravens: Another match up I don’t know much about really. Tyrod Taylor looks to carry on his positive 2015 campaign but it is set to start without the Bills explosive wide out Sammy Watkins due to an injury.

Ravens on the other hand felt obligated to suffer from lack of their veteran star Steve Smith to support to wide receivers corps. This might be a bit ugly really.

Ravens to win 26:13

Bucaneers @ Falcons: I am not a fan of NFC and I always struggle to cover most of the teams from that conference. What I see here is not a lot of changes to last season and two close games, both claimed by Tampa Bay in 2015.

Is it Matt Ryan’s and co. time for a bit of sweet revenge and a head start to the play off race? I think so.

Falcons to win 21:17 

Raiders @ Saints: That is the game I might end up watching this coming Sunday (as Colts play in later slot) and it might be a great offensive shout out as Drew Brees continues to chase Peyton Manning’s numbers.

On the other hand we will have plenty of potential in a young and electric offense powered by Carr, Amaro and Murray supported by a fear inducing D. 

Saints to win 41:34 

Bears @ Texans: J.J. Watt is another thing in this planet and it looks he’ll be in a starting line up two or so months after back surgery. The beast of a player dealt with plenty of injuries this off season so he’ll be hungry to have some fun. Given that the Texans splashed out some dosh on hopefully franchise signal caller in Brock Osweilier, the team hopes to have a potent offense to work with the D.

On the other side we have the Bears with not sure what version of Jay Cutler yet and some puzzling off season moves.

Texans to win 24:14 

Chargers @ Chiefs: An important match up from the go in the AFC West and the home team has already been dealt a blow with a nasty injury to Justin Houston that might see him missing the entire season. 

Luckily on the other side of line of scrimmage the Chiefs are facing the Chargers who haven’t won in Kansas City since 2013 and are riding four games losing streak in general between these two teams.

Chiefs to win 38:17 

Browns @ Eagles: Honestly, I really don’t know much except the rookie quarterback from Eagles is set to start his NFL journey while new Browns acquisition, once a shiny star quaryeback is looking forward to getting his career back to where it was few years ago when he was a rookie. It’s Griffin III vs Wentz. The beginnings.

Eagles to win 27:18

Lions @ Colts: Oh dear. It’s all beginning here for me and I could probably write an essey but after the pre season action it’s hard to see where the Colts are heading. I think it all depends on accuracy of Andrew Luck’s arm and the o-line keeping the dude healthy.

The Lions? After loosing Calvin Johnson they will have to start a new era in Detroit and it’s going to be tough I think.

Colts to win 37:28

Dolphins @ Seahawks: Hm. It’s going to be business as usual here I think. The Seahawks are one of the favourites to drop in to the big party called Super Bowl and this game is going to be their first step despite to injuries to Graham and Rawls.

The Dolphins’ first step is probably going to be crying after knowing how much salary cap is eaten by Suh who has been underwhelming since joining the Dolphins. There’s not much else on the defence and the offense could be two way surprising.

Seahawks to win 16:9

Giants @ Cowboys: There’s some new blood on the horizon that might soak in better than the old one. With Romo’s yet another back injury it is really time for Tony to start thinking of retirement. His replacement for the time being is Dak Prescott who’s been on fire this pre season. The fourth round draftee of 2016 better uses his chance well. You never know when you get another one.

The old, trusty and rusty enemy, the Giants, under the new head coach who’s looking to bring the Giants back to the playoffs. The race starts now.

Giants to win 27-17 

Patriots @ Cardinals: It’ll be quite a story due to the non attendee- Tom Brady who got slapped with four game suspension for playing with his balls some time ago. Still, Bill Belichick is in command center so one must never count the Pats out, even if they play the offensive surprise of 2015.

Unfortunately (depending on where one sits) lack of experience might decide the outcome in favour of the home team.

Cardinals to win 31:14 

Steelers @ Redskins: I like the Steelers despite them beating my Colts in recent years like nobody’s business. Pittsburgh are going to be without few key offensive pieces in the first game of the season, including questionable Bell among couple of others, and it might be their undoing as they face slightly revamped Redskins who’s off season signing of Josh Norman will be a very much discussed topic of many conversations during the coming months.

Redskins to win 33:28

Rams @ 49ers: And the game that finishes it all off (be careful what you wish for) in the first week of NFL season will be a very much discussed and very much anticipated event of the coming days. 

Sports wise there might not be a lot of sparks but due to Colin Kaepernick who protested the US Police brutality by seating (and then kneeling at the next ocassion) during the national anthem and then the Police department that secures 49ers games throwing a silly tantrum that only strengthens Colin’s point this game could be a mini explosion of many things that hopefully might actually lead to something constructive. Yes there is going to be a football game. I think!

Rams to win 26:12

Hey. That’s about it really. I suppose I’ll have a bit more to say about some teams over the others, simply because it is hard to take all of this happiness in plus I’m getting old and tire easily while researching stats. 

Leave me your predictions in comments section of you want gals and guys as I’m interested to see how you lot see the week 1 evolving. Until next week!

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