I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #25

It really was a matter of time before my sluggish summer attempts at video gaming would turn into a bit more chaotic ones and it has been thanks to some new releases that matters have become a bit more urgent, so to speak.

Although I doubt I’ll ever reach “urgency” levels of some years ago but as I age I start to enjoy gaming in a bit of a weird fashion than I’m yet to fully understand and capture. Anyways, the stars of the week have been Madden 17, F1 2016 and Nuka- World DLC for Fallout 4. 

Blocking kicks in Madden is fun!

Initially it looked like M17 with its MUT mode would take over my life as I got lost in completing the solos which at times are very short and allow players to progress through the collection quite quickly but I think the novelty of the fantasy modes in sports games is slowly wearing off on me. I mean I’ve enjoyed MUT so far but I am a bit less driven to get “there” (wherever the there is) quickly. I think The Show played part in it as I haven’t had a long break from card collecting. Overall M17 seems like a great improvement over previous versions.

Cockpit view in F1 2016 can be customized in many ways.

On some occasions I’d make a switch to a racing seat and try to recreate some past magic while playing F1 2016. Since quite a few of my online buddies acquired the game we tried to gather online together and do some racing but so far the chaos of public lobbies stopped us fairly well from having plenty of fun. The game itself is what many of us hoped for several years ago with practice sessions in online lobbies, a huge variety of options and so on but unfortunately it is 2016 and not 2011 and many of us “grew up” and “grew proper adult” I guess. Nevertheless F1 2016 seems like a great fun regardless of how invested one is in F1 itself.

The promised land of Nuka World in a distance.

I thought I’d not touch Fallout 4 this week but curiosity and a need for a rest from sports titles resulted in me jumping in and having a bit of a walk (no fast travel in survival mode) to discover the promised land of Nuka- World. So far I discovered very little of it as I’m stuck trying to get through the gauntlet. So there… I hope to get it completed soon but with my lack of stick skills it might be a time consuming exercise.

Red zone action in MUT challenges.

Well, that’s what gaming is all about in the end. Creative time management. It’s hard to say how much gaming I will do next week but it won’t be hard telling what games I might play. Until next time!


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