NFL Goodies Bag. That odd week before kick off.

Well, the pre season has reached the end, hundreds of young players have their dreams shattered or are about to have them destroyed but the rosters are only so big.  

For us fans, there’s just several more days to survive before the real deal starts and before there will be so many topics to discuss. For me, I’ve got few thoughts to share before I’ll go about creating some new regular stuff.

I can’t really omit Colin Kaepernick’s stand or a sit down really. I’m far from the States and I look at things from a strange perspective but I think many people overreacted at Kap’s protest. At the end of the day the anthem is a song and the flag is a piece of material and both these things represent very little nowadays as I think these are only symbols not supported by what goes around us.

Even if Kap really overdid it, at least he brought something important to the nation’s attention. More sport people should use the great platform they have to utilise it to make the world around them and us better. I hope it continues really…

The pre- season jitters:

* Colts – Well. I will do my best to enjoy the 16 games that the Colts are about to play but I think the expectations gotta be low given the state of the team is in. So many injuries at cornerback is worrying and I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with the way Colts prepare their players to endure the brutality of the game. I’m not going to even explore the running game… Time will tell.

* Andrew Luck – no interceptions is a good sign but one can’t miss no touchdowns either. The red zone woes are still Colts’ brand mark unfortunately. Andrew looked fresh and composed despite the O-line not giving him a lot of time but it’s only pre season. At least there’s something to look towards to.

*Injuries – these are always a bummer and as much as Tony Romo’s injury wasn’t a great shock (he seems to be done and needs to retire really) but Teddy Bridgewater’s from the Vikings was; especially that he basically destroyed his knee on a no contact practice event. Shame as the Vikings looked interesting.

That’s all from me now. I should start a prediction column before the kick off and perhaps some more golden ideas will embrace my mind to fill in the hours in between Sunday’s games. Until next time kind readers!


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