I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #24

After two weeks away from the hot and humid England that I spent in partly hot partly wet but not humid Poland I was welcomed with more of the same weather wise but loads of new gaming wise.

As my mate tested the F1 2016 and more people from our, non existing now, little community started getting the game I gave in too and since I had some spare money I was able to buy the F1 2016.

Spectator view in multiplayer offers some neat viewing angles.

It’s been nearly 3 years since I played Codemasters F1 title so there’s nothing substantial to compare this title to but the few hours I’ve had so far showed me that all the changes, and problems the developer gone through was not lost for anything and there’s actually some hope for the future of F1 gaming (I’ve given up on the sport itself a while ago…).

I won’t be having a review of the title here but I might write something up in near future, once I got some serious distance under my tires which won’t be easy as this week I have also spent on inpatient awaiting of my copy of Madden 17 which will eat up a lot of my time too.

TV Pod camera view that can be adjusted.

And Madden 17 arrived with a huge 4.5GB patch to get us started. The game looks fresh and improved graphically and audio wise from the go. It’s nothing huge but it easy to notice and it just feel nice to get going there again.

My initial hours of Madden spread over couple of days were mainly spent on getting through the skills trainer to earn some MUT packs and then slowly gathering momentum in the solos that are going to be my bread and butter in coming days.

I’m leaving out the franchise for a bit later although I’m really itchy to give the Play the Moments version of CFM a go  and see how quickly one can finish a season playing in this mode. I think there’ll be plenty of excitement and annoyance in the coming days and weeks.

Since I’m still not up to my normal schedule and I’m still stuck in holiday mode I’m going to leave it here and hopefully I’ll make more sense next week coming after more racing and tackling had been completed. Stay healthy!


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