And 2 was the number left…

No more of fancy, odd, awkward and sometimes strange stat lines tides up to the number of football-less Sundays left. I think I bore my readers to death with them so for the two week mark I’ve got two things to say really.

One, there’s not going to be article next week on the last Sunday of  Misery as I’m already thinking of switching focus to the season itself and I hope to have some new features up and running soon.

Two, this past few months have been a great building experience for me and even though I haven’t achieved my goals I had set myself but I hope I have managed to create a starting point I can expand on during the coming months.

The season itself? Well I think I’ll take it week by week, game by game without much expectations. Colts are not built to be the best and it’d take that something special for them to really get there but as it is with sports, you never know until the last whistle is blown. Time will tell us all the stories in its own manner. 

And that is going to be all. The last football less Sunday we all should spend daydreaming our favourite teams into the shiny path of the Super Bowl. See you on the field!


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