And the third one was a charm. NFL Edition

With all the Olympic Games buzz that has been going around us for the past two weeks, many could have missed the so ‘very important’ pre- season games in our beloved National Football League but since the Games are drawing to the end and the next phase is highlighted by the Super Humans attending Paralympic games that sadly don’t draw as much attention, some people might realise there are only 3 weeks worth of none regular season football left for all of us to endure.

And with that in mind I’ll try to find the three biggest games of the regular season that will be a must watch. Let’s begin!
Colts @ Packers (week 9)-

This game could be an early Super Bowl preview game with both, Luck and Rodgers on the way up from their rather unimpressive 2015 campaigns. It’s right in the middle of the season so stories would have developed and Lambeau Field might be a dreadful place in early November.

Seahawks @ Patriots (week 10)-

A rematch of a past Super Bowl with slightly changed lineups. Still there will be Wilson against Brady and Belichick against Carroll and a ghistt of the Beast Mode on cold and unpleasant Novembee night in Massachusetts. Spooky.
Cowboys @ Steelers (week 10)-

It appears that middle of November is packed with awesomeness and this match up, despite having little possible Super Bowl back story could end up being an explosive one as Big Ben and hopefully healthy Romo decide to rewrite some record books and unleash their madness loose. It could quickly get out of hands for both defences here.
And that is all for this week. You can almost feel the smell of sweet wins and bitter loses in the air. With this Sunday behind us, there are only two more to go. Stay tuned!


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