And there were only 5 weeks left…

As simple as it sounds really and as pretty as it looks. Number 5 has always seemed to have its charm around its curves and down to earth attitude with its striking straights. Nearly as our target of this Sunday’s topic. Quarterbacks and controversies.

I am no expert and I realise I know little but my Top 5 list of quarterbacks that will dominate opposing defences in 2016 will look significantly different than the one recently released in a blog by EA which can be found here. Anyways, let the gates to hell open with 5 football deprived Sundays left on the calendar.

  1. Drew Brees- (Saints): Drew Brees might be getting on and his arm might not be the same as few years ago with all these yards on the counter but as usual he’ll be in top five in many quarterback measurements once the 2016 season comes to an end.
    Last time that Brees didn’t exceed 4000 passing yards was in 2005, last time he finished season below 4500 passing yards was in 2009. If it wasn’t for a missed game last season he’d lead the league with over 5000 passing yards, a feat he accomplished 3 times in last five seasons. Its gonna be big here and accurate too, just around 2/3 or even better.

  2. Ben Roethlisberger- (Steelers): As much as Big Ben is hard to knock down or even make him blink under the pressure, one mustn’t miss the fact that Roethlisberger has issues with playing full seasons. He’ll no doubt post big numbers when healthy, especially with Antonio Brown catching the passes he throws but Big Ben must stay on the field to have the impact he usually has.
    Last season he came very short of surpassing 4000 passing yards, while the season before he posted his career best numbers so the difference will be decided in potential injuries as big jaw dropping passes will be there for sure!

  3. Andrew Luck- (Colts): What????!!! Well call me biased, call me a big fan boy but after the disaster of 2015 and a huge lesson that Luck learned he’ll be back putting a finishing stamps to his 2014 season really, making people realise that 2015 was the season when Luck needed to take several steps back, once he had the chance to see how bad he can play and how badly injured he had to play, the records posted by Manning will be under the threat, and I don’t mean Manning Colts’ records here.
    Until the 2016 is finished, Luck will be reminded of the 15 touchdown- 12 interceptions (and a fumble!) season… Luckily it’s not going to be long until Luck let the balls rip through the air… Unless his linebacker mentality takes over again…

  4. Russell Wilson- (Seahawks): It pains me to list Wilson so high as I think he had more luck than skill at times with all these improvised shots that many quarterbacks would be punished with interceptions for but Wilson does have numbers on his side though.
    He hasn’t missed a game yet, threw 106 touchdown passes to 34 picks, adding further 12 rushing touchdowns (although accompanied by 38 fumbles) in four seasons and 2015 was his best season to date with career bests of 4024 passing yards, 68.1% completion, 34 touchdowns to only 8 picks and passer rating of 110.1 leading the entire NFL.

  5. Aaron Rodgers- (Packers): A bit of a downer of a season happened to Rodgers last year, yet many quarterbacks would sell their souls for the stats line Rodgers can produce with his number one target missing all of the season due to a nasty injury.
    Rodgers owns the top spot in quarterbacking in my humble opinion as his game is consistent, accurate and deadly, especially if you think of completing two hail Marys in one season one more beautiful than the previous one…
    It is hard really to write something bad about Rodgers but the coming season is going to be another jaw dropping one in Green Bay.

Are you crazy man P.S.??!!
Well… I know, where’s Tom Brady? Where’s reigning MVP Cam Newton?…
Hm… Brady appears to be having a suspension to serve before he can even take a meaningful snap in 2016 season, given the fact that he faced more pressure than in his younger years and he struggled more too, it might be Brady’s last 3/4th of a hurrah…
As for Newton… NFL hadn’t seen a more disappointing quarterback MVP in its history as Newton’s stats were at points mediocre but awards and titles sometimes are given to individuals because of pink googles some wear and follow the hype….
Anyways… Another Sunday destroyed. We’re getting closer. Until next week people, keep well!



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