I am not a Hard Core Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #20

I have finally managed to complete the Silver Shroud quest, although I haven’t managed to limit fatalities unfortunately. Ada died twice before we finally managed to string the journey together.

Kent, the sorry fan of Silver Shroud kicked the bucket several times before I gave up on restarting last checkpoint trying to save him. I don’t know what’s the secret there but hey… There’ll be dead bodies around us, no matter how hard we try.

Anyways. After that it was time to download the Vault- Tec DLC and give it a spin. Since my son had been waiting on it too I decided to rush through the few initial quests on my older save to allow him beginning of building his own vault.

It was probably a great idea as I think I’d struggle with Bertha on survival mode given the fact how annoying some of the creatures, one comes across in Vault 88 can be. I reckon, I’d manage to get into the Vault 88 and perhaps even get to the point of rescuing the demented overseer but I doubt I’d get much further with Bertha who is level 27 character. 

A site of an alien vehicle crash that Bertha found during her journeys.

I mean, she’s great with stealth combat and ranged picking enemies apart in close combat against few more powerful creatures she’s good as dead. So there…

The DLC quests are nothing really exciting or mouth watering but these nicely settle you into a new role, a role of overseer. I haven’t decided really which path I’ll take once I get there with Bertha but I do hope there’ll be more experiments to be ‘unlocked’ as one goes through.

And that was really that to be honest when it comes to consoles…

The rest of my gaming time got nicely spent with my son… playing board games. We’ve added a fairly new game called Latice which tasks players with getting rid of their tiles in least amount of turns by adding them to a board matching by a shape or colour. For those interested in adding a new table top to their collection, you can check it out here.

Another board game wasn’t really played on a board but on a tablet as a while ago I discovered that one of my favourite board games “Talisman” (since I played it while in Poland the game was known under the name of ‘Magia I Miecz’) has been released digitally long time ago.

Ah… The magic of the 1980s board game rediscovered digatally.

My son finally got into it and we have been rolling (yeah literally too 😉 ) every day having a great blast from the past. I mean this game alone is probably the reason why games in general appeal to me so much and why I’m not such a hard core gamer as another week’s lack of heavy hours proves the theory fairly well.

I don’t know what awaits me next week in the gaming world but I can assume more Talisman and perhaps some whacky Vault creations are bound to happen. Until then, keep well readers!


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