It’s too early for Top 10 yet. NFL craze still far away.


With 10 Sundays still to go before we can finally relax and forget about pretty much everything I stumbled across another funky little “trend” among the NFL teams in 2015.
Nearly a fourth of NFL teams (23.3%) finished last season allowing exactly 10 rushing touchdowns. With the rushing leaders in 2015 reaching only 11 touchdowns in a season (you can read about it here)and NFL being so pass happy it is not surprising that some teams allowed 10 rushing touchdowns with the league’s average standing at just above 11 with 11.4 TD per season per team.
Since ‘Did you know that’ weekly feature has been undergoing some changes recently let’s find out if we actually know anything. Please now think of seven NFL teams you think allowed 10 rushing TD last season knowing the best team had let through only 4 rushing TD and the worst allowed 20.
Did you know that? there was no team who allowed exactly 19 or 5 rushing TD last season? Any other number between 4 and 20 happened at least once, with the leading seven teams allowing 10 and two allowing 20.
The worst in rushing TD were Falcons and 49ers who let 20 TD through and the best team turned out to be the Jets with only 4 runners getting through their defensive fence.
Situation starts looking a bit out of place when one realises that Falcons and 49ers’ defensive units finished in top half when it came to average rushing yards per carry allowed with both teams allowing only 4.0 (4.1 being average).
Jets were still up there finishing third in average rushing yards per carry allowed behind the Broncos and the Buccaneers allowing respectively 3.3 and 3.4 yards per carry.
The worst teams in defending the rushing attack were the Saints and the Chargers who allowed 4.9 and 4.8 yard per carry and while Saints were near the middle with allowed rushing TD (12), the Chargers were quite close to top with 17.
Look at average rushing yards allowed per game and you get another leader with the Seahawks allowing only 81.5 followed by the Jets (83.4) and the Broncos (83.6). Among the worst you would expect perhaps the Chargers, Falcons, 49ers or Saints.
Well… You get the Saints in second with 129.4 rushing yards allowed per game but the winners were the Eagles with 134.6 yards a game. Third team were the Browns who allowed 128.4 yards a game.
And now onto our ‘lucky seven’ that allowed 10 rushing yards exactly. We get the Broncos and Seahawks who were quite good defending the rush but still being mediocre in red zone and you get the Eagles who were fairly rubbish defending the run but recently mediocre in red zone allowing below league’s average, 10.
The rest four teams, were many middle league teams with the Ravens, Texans, Bills and Redskins filling up rest of the places.
What does it all mean? Well, firstly it means I am no NFL analyst, secondly I very much doubt I’ll ever become one and thirdly, your favourite team might be great in one aspect of football game while still being rubbish in another aspect that you’d expect them to be good.
The good thing is, we are heading towards 9 Sundays left and I can’t wait to get the season started and have some fresh and exciting content to break my hair over. Until next week, hopefully, folks. Keep well!


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