Game Week Load #15


This week has been a bit of a mash up of gaming moments of undecidedness and it resulted in somewhat bizzare completion of a game with only one trophy earned.
The game in question was “Gone Home” a teen age walking/ discovery simulation (?) with a hint of dark atmosphere.
The game is available for free for PS Plus subscribers on PS Store and it is an ok title, although it just didn’t make me play through it again to earn some trophies which I sometimes do.
I only earned the trophy for completing the story, which I have enjoyed to some degree but obviously I wasn’t good enough to pick up all the collectibles and do some other trophy worth stuff.

In between bouncing towards and outwards ‘Gone Home’ my main offender was Fallout 4 and its miserable effects of survival mode at which I suck pretty much royally.
Bertha made to Diamond City and she even finally snuck through to Goodneighbor but the progress has been very slow as at least third of playing time is wasted due to dying and needing to go back to last save.
After much messing around Goodneighbor I finally gathered the courage and sent Bertha to rescue Nick. She got it done eventually but it wasn’t all plain smooth sailing. Given the fact she’s level 14, soon the Automatrom should become active and Far Harbor isn’t that far away too. Although I don’t think she’s ready for these escapades yet.
I do like the changes the modified survival mode brings to the game and I think devs really got their points across when trying to balance things out. The pace is much slower and I have already visited several places I missed in my first playthrough as now I try to look very thoroughly around my surroundings in order to find a bed anywhere.
The choice of what to carry and what to pick up becomes painful at times and this mode will not lend itself to all the whacky stuff coming in dlc form to improve our settlements but I’ll try my best.


No, Piper is not using the facilities. She's just chilling, watching me work.

I’m still enjoying MLB The Show (so is my son actually) and since I finished conquest, this week I have Battle Royale (first entry free) a go and managed to win 3 games before loosing two.
RTTS mode got some love too and my 3rd baseman is still on track to become a star but since I reached All- Star difficulty in hitting the progress might slow down as I noticed difference between great pitchers and the rest and it won’t surprise me if the game drops me to veteran+ as it’s been a struggle this few past sessions.

Anyways, I wish it was August as Madden 17 looks really tasty (despite the lack of customisation of NBA 2k modes or The Show- Diamond Dynasty features) and I want to play it but it is still just over two months before I might forget about any other game that is out there. Although recently I noticed I buy less games but get a good life out of them, especially sports titles lend itself for prolonged use, so Madden 17 Release might not mean end of the world for me 😉
As for nearer future I think Fallout 4 is a sure bet with a mixture of The Show where I’m due to finish 2nd full season in MLB with Theodore. Our team, the Pirates won’t make the playoffs this year. I can’t think about any more games at the minute, mainly because the weather is very humid, hot, muggy and making us all sweat. Keep well hydrated folks.


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