NFL’s lucky number 12.


Since there is 12 footballless weeks left for us to entertain, it’s good time to write some stuff about my favourite No. 12. Yes, for those who dislike/are bored with/had enough of (circle one appropriate option) Andrew Luck, please do move along while I just carry on telling myself why it is ok to like Andrew Luck, and even write about him.
Since we are getting closer to the seasons’ start and the numbers of week become lower and lower I think there needs to be a change in format of my ‘Did you know that’ weekly series.
I think the name can carry on regardless but I think I need some freshness here as the weather has been very humid and muggy recently. Anyway so lets kick of ‘Andrew Luck Edition of Did you know that?

  • Andrew Luck chose to wear number 12 jersey to carry on with a tradition as his dad, who also played quarterback and wore number 12.

  • Andrew Luck really loves football, and by football I mean soccer (yes we Europeans are crazy like that). Since Andrew’s dad worked in Europe for many years Andrew got to grow up in places like Germany or Great Britain. It is there where he found his love for football…err.. soccer and to this day he is an avid supporter of the sport. His favourite team are Houston Dynamo.

  • Luck is a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen, he especially likes Bruce’s older stuff. Music wise Andrew also enjoys listening to Stanford native alt- rock band Young the Giant.

  • Pretty much every one knows Andrew is a bit of a techno bore with his flip phones, no social medias and so on. To the long list of oddities like playing ping pong (first purchase after he signed his rookie contract in NFL was a ping pong table), one might add his day to day car which it is Honda Accord, the same one he shared with his sister while at Stanford…

And now, we can look at few odd or not so odd football stats in comparison to two other number 12s. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. I’m not claiming that Luck belongs to the same group of quarterbacks as Brady or Rodgers but statistically they played in very similar era of pass happy offenses so it is easier to compare than to say, Terry Bradshaw or Jim Kelly. So many 12s around…

Part two of ‘Did you know that’ presented below.

  • Andrew Luck played and started more games in his first four seasons than Brady and Rodgers did in theirs? Despite injury riddled 2015 luck started 55 games, Brady started 46 and played 48 and Rodgers’ input was starting 16 and playing 23 in the same period. Perhaps there’s a good reason why Rodgers is so damn near perfect after all?

  • Andrew Luck had more rushing touchdowns in his rookie season than Brady and Rodgers managed to record in their first four seasons?
    Luck finished his rookie campaign with 5 rushing touchdowns (12 in four seasons), while Brady amassed 2 and his first one arrived in Brady’s third year of pro contract. Rodgers on the other hand rushed for a touchdown 4 times in his first four seasons, although all of them touchdowns came from his first full season that was in his 4th year of pro contract.

  • Both, Tom Brady and Andrew Luck recorded 6 tackles in their first four seasons? They also both were complimented with 10 fourth quarters comebacks in their first four seasons. What about Rodgers? Well he has been credited with 6 tackles and 10 fourth quarters comebacks throughout his whole career to date. Strange… eh?

I’m not going to be discussing the whole who’s better who will be better and so on. It was fun to look at the numbers posted through the first four seasons by our number 12 stars and it is quite obvious that Luck was the busiest from that trio. Whether it’s a good thing or not, the time might tell us. Or it might not
Until next week people where I’ll try to come up with some fresh stuff about number 11 as it’ll be just that many weeks left till… KICK OFF!
Keep well!


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