Bismarck – a bit further into unknown.

So a while ago, me and my son had a go at some modelling which resulted in our first go of making a plane and a car. and in our first ship model.
When we ordered Admiral Hipper we also had Bismarck – World of Warship edition on our way. Life and few other boring things got into the way and we had to postpone our modelling journey but finally, over two weeks ago we managed to get going.


It needs a lot of imagination to see a ship among all this plastic bits.

We had ordered the model itself with additional content from World of Warships
from here and it arrived promptly. The box contains three invite codes to World of Warships with 1000 currency each, plus a tier II Russian cruiser Diana with some flags and a port slot to redeem within the game.
From the go one can see the work here is going to be much more involved than when comparing to Admiral Hipper from Revell. There were more bits and it all looked rather solidly.
After initiail preparation of paints, glue, flippers and so on I went onto inspecting the spruces a bit more carefully and I noticed that some parts will need extra cutting and some sanding but not to the level of poor finish I experienced with the Revell model.
Unfortunately not all the parts were exact fit and I’m not the best in being super precise and few separate bits just wouldn’t get a 100% fit. I think partly it was my fault but partly Italeri (makers of the model) had not done superb job. Anyway, it wasn’t all that much of a deal.


Putting spotting planes together. So tiny, so annoying.

Given my back problems it took me well over two weeks period of an average 1.5 hours a day of work to put the thing together but at the end of it I was rather amazed with the finished product. There were loads of tiny parts that needed to be put together before assembling further with rest of the ship but I somehow managed.

I'm pretty sure we are not finished yet here.

My son, got a bit overwhelmed with the detail and the difficulty the ship presented and unfortunately he took few steps back from modelling but he told me he is still into learning the craft but perhaps with easier objects.
All in all it was quite an experience to put that behemoth together and it looks great given its 1:700 scale.


Bow of Bismarck 1:700 scale - Italeri

If one’s interested in modelling ships and some gaming, Italeri and World of Warships have more deals available including INJ ATAGO and U. S. S. Essex. I’ve also noticed some tank models for those interested in these beasts that can be played in World of Tanks.
Anyway, I’ll just leave you guys with few more shots of the Bismarck and hopefully you’ll hear from me soon in regards of another plastic model of something being done. Keep well.





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