I yearn for a handful of simplicity to invade my complex life to help me find my inner peace.
I really can not stop thinking of the old days’ simplicity where neighbours were friends and not strangers that need deciphering.
I wish each shop would sell simplicity in various quantities that would fit many needs that various people have, when navigating the maze of life.
Complexity, richness in detail, long formulas hard to remember, are all good in art and science where mind needs to create…
We lack simplicity around us as it is taught to us to be boring, plain, vague and not worth any time committed to it.
The thing is… In this world full of rules and regulations, mass medias and entertainment, art and science what we really miss and what really stops us from moving forward is the simplicity that we try so hard to remove from our lives as an unwanted item…


Written in response to the Daily Prompt which can be found here.


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