She used to blank me. Day in day out, she’d treat me like I wasn’t there or like I was some unnecessary item in her surroundings. Now she’s gone, she’s not here.
When I stare at a blank page in my life book that is still being written, my mind goes completely blank when I try to bring her vision back just for the last moment of the old, stale pain it’d cause me.
I never had a chance with a magazine full of blanks. Never! I don’t know why I even tried but back then I had a purpose, or at least I thought I did whereas now it all seems to matter not no more. Not for me nor for her.
New day begins, go out and fill that blank page with content that is worth remembering, don’t leave that day as a page where all your memories have gone lost…

In response of Daily Prompt which can be found here.



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