“We need an orderly” shouted the theatre nurse- “We really need one as there’s some cleaning up to do”.
The shouting and general buzz weren’t any distraction for the surgeon who was closing the incision orderly. There were no signs of chaos or fear as the unconscious patient’s life was slowly being turned around without any input from him, himself.
“Orderly! Orderly! Where’s one when you need…” the nurse didn’t finish the sentence as the life monitor went crazy noticing all the theatre staff that something wasn’t right with the patient whose life was in their hands.
The surgeon who always used to be known as an orderly man, lifted his head and stopped his task to look at the monitor. Something wasn’t right but he needed to investigate first a bit deeper. He decided to change the side of the operating table to have a better access to all the tools. He didn’t notice a bit of spill on the floor, he wasn’t aware that an orderly was called to clean up, he just felt something wasn’t ok in his orderly plan of the day as he slipped and lost his consciousness…
The patient didn’t survive. The orderly finally arrived and the nurse wasn’t shouting anymore…
And I wasn’t sleeping anymore when I realised that it was only a nightmare caused by my disorderly thoughts causing the never ending anxiety.


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