NFL? Huh. We’re still 15 Sundays too early.


Yup. 15 long and agonising Sundays to get through until our lives make sense again. It is that simple and yet oh so complicated. It really is a dead season despite some training camps giving us a bit of “action”. Other than that there really isn’t much to keep us going. Slow and agonizing waiting for winter. Funny how football starts in September and finishes deep in winter where out doors activities are not the most pleasing ones.
Anyways. This week’s theme is inspired by T. Y. Hilton and his recent mid season form in making any catches he wants. Also his son made into media showing his incredible skill so there. Wide receivers. Here we come in “Did you know that”?

  • Did you know that there were 5 players who averaged 15 yards per reception in top 10 in the category? Yes I know averages very really give exact neat number but still, our five players (all wide receivers) squeezed in between 15.4 yards per reception to 14.9 yards. The best one in the category was rookie Allen Robinson with 17.5 yards per catch but we are not about him today.
    Today we will have a look at players who finished 6 to 10 with the average yards per catch as it fits our theme of the 15 weeks away to… you know… Anyways. Did you know that?

  • John Brown of Arizona averaged 15 yards per reception (15.4 to be exact)? Brown saw his production and effectiveness to go up in comparison to his rookie season when he caught 48 passes on 102 targets in comparison to 2015 when he was target 101 times but it resulted in 65 catches. He netted himself more touchdowns in 2015 (7 to 5 in 2014) and his total yards from scrimmage gone up from 690 to 1025.

  • The well known Odell Beckham Jr. registered 15 yards per catch he managed to secure (15.1 to be precise)? His hands though were not as good as in rookie season when he caught 91 catches out of 130 passes thrown his way. 2015 saw a slight rise in receptions with 96 but Beckham needed 158 passes thrown his way which indicated a slight dip in hands security. Other than that rest of the numbers were pretty similar to his rookie season.

  • Cincinnati’s star, A. J. Green has a career average of 15 yards per catch (14.9) and in last two seasons he averaged 15 yards per reception (15.1 in both seasons precisely)? The Bengals’ star missed only 4 games out of 80 and each season surpassed 1000 receiving yards but he is yet to break a number of 100 passes caught in a year. He has been a driving force behind Cincinnati’s offense with 45 received touchdowns to date, having three seasons of reaching double digits with 10 caught touchdowns last season.

  • The oldest from our group of five players, Emmanuel Sanders caught passes that resulted in 15 yards per reception recorded (14.9 to be exact). Playing in Bronco’s offense brought the best out of Samuels as he recorded the career bests in average yards per catch, longest reception (75 yards) and his previous season in Denver he set his career best in targets, receptions (surpassing hundred with 101), yards received (1404) and touchdowns (9).

  • The youngest of our five, Amari Cooper averaged 15 yards per reception in his rookie season (14.9 exact). The explosive rookie got to a great start recording 1070 received yards on 72 receptions from 130 targets that went his way. Cooper also grabbed 6 receiving touchdowns and attempted to rush on three occasions although his rushing skills left him with minus 3 yards through the season. The youngster has a bright future in young and nicely developing Oakland Riders and there are some great highlights to be recorded there.

  • Who do you think, made it between places 2 and 5 in the yards per catch average? Who was your biggest surprise in the list here? Do you think there were any tight ends or running backs in the top five. Let me know and let’s discuss the matter.
    Until next week folks. Hope you’re having a great time whenever you are and to cheer yourselves up all you have to think is that there will be a fortnight worth of Sundays next time we meet here. Keep well!


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