So we are 16 Sundays away from NFL.


Well. There’s been a bit more buzz around the league recently with the start with OTA’s. We finally got our players seen in some action and heard them answering some strange variety of questions.
Madden 17 has been announced with Rob Gronkowski being the cover athlete. We’re are slowly getting there. The crazy 21 weeks of the year when some of us develop a strange fever and some others full stop lose their minds.
There is still 16 weeks though and we gotta kill ’em somehow. One by one, methodically.
Last week we looked at fumbles and this week we should probably dig inside a bag of reasons behind the fumbles and find there one, a violent cause of fumbles. Sacks.
So let’s get going with this week’s of ‘Did you know that’?

  • There were three quarterbacks that were sacked exactly 16 times last season but none of them played all games of season The most games played and started went to Joe Flacco with 10/10, then it was Peyton Manning’s 10 games and 9 starts and the trio was completed by Matt Hasselbeck who went 8 games, starting 8. One of the reasons why Hasselbeck had to endure such abuse (2 sacks a game) were 15 sacks delivered to Andrew Luck in his 7 starts. Anyways…

  • There was only one player that amassed over 16 sacks last season and it was J. J. Watt who finished with “only” 17.5 sacks to his name. We’re used to seeing Watt with over 20 sacks as he already done it in two seasons so 17.5 was on a low side of his explosiveness.

  • The last time the sack champion didn’t reach 16 sacks in a season was in 2010/11 season when DeMarcus Ware, then playing for Dallas Cowboys “choked” on half a sack and finished the season with 15.5. In his career Ware had two seasons when he recorded more than 16 sacks with 20 in 2008/09 and 19.5 in 2011/2012.

  • Even one of the best offensive lines didn’t manage to stay below a mark of 1 sack per game and allowed over 16 sacks during the season. It wasn’t all that bad because St. Louis Rams gave up only 18 sacks last season. 14 were recorded to Nick Roles who played 11 games, remaining four gone to Case Keenum.

And that’s all for this week. We could dive in deeper with the analysis of how it all affected the teams trying to prepare for pass rush but at the end of the day it is a Sunday. A day that needs to be taken lightly and almost lazily.
Next week, we’ll be reaching kind of half way distance mark since we started with the journey and I hope to come up with something celebratory and special but I can’t promise how it all ends up. One thing I know is the fact that the football season can’t start soon enough.
Keep well folks.


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